5 Letter Words Starting with Tra: Examples and Tips

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of five-letter words starting with “tra.

  1. Trace- To follow or ascertain the course of something.
  2. Track- A path or course laid out for racing.
  3. Trade- The action of buying, selling, or exchanging.
  4. Trail- A path through the countryside, often made for walking.
  5. Train- A series of railroad cars pulled by an engine.
  6. Tramp- To walk heavily or noisily.
  7. Trash- Waste material; refuse.
  8. Trait- A distinguishing characteristic or quality.
  9. Tract- An area of land.
  10. Trans- Short for “transgender” or “transsexual.”
  11. Traps- A device for capturing animals.
  12. Trave- A horizontal architectural element.
  13. Trayf- Food that does not conform to the Jewish dietary laws.
  14. Tracy- A name.
  15. Traik- To walk idly or aimlessly.
  16. Tratt- A conversational local dialect.
  17. Trayn- A surname.
  18. Trad- Relating to traditional jazz music.

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