5 Letter Words Starting with UN: Expand Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with “un” to enhance your vocabulary and word game skills.

  1. Unarm- to disarm or deprive of weapons
  2. Unban- to lift a ban or prohibition
  3. Uncap- to remove a cap or cover
  4. Unbar- to remove a bar or obstruction
  5. Uncut- not cut or shaped; unedited
  6. Undid- past tense of undo; reversed or annulled
  7. Undue- inappropriate, excessive, or unjustified
  8. Unfed- not fed or nourished
  9. Unfit- not suitable or appropriate; in poor health
  10. Unfix- to unfasten or make unstable
  11. Ungag- to remove a gag or restriction on speech
  12. Unhat- to remove a hat
  13. Unify- to make or become united or whole
  14. Union- the act of joining; a group formed by joining
  15. Unite- to join together
  16. Units- plural of unit; individual elements or components
  17. Unity- the state of being united or joined as a whole
  18. Unlit- not illuminated or lit up
  19. Unpin- to remove pins or fastening devices
  20. Unrig- to remove the rigging from a ship or alter for deception
  21. Unzip- to open a zipper or become open by unzipping

This list contains a range of five-letter words starting with “un,” along with brief definitions of each.

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