5 Letter Words Starting With V: Complete List and Definitions

Discover a variety of five-letter words that start with the letter “V” to enhance your vocabulary and win word games!

  1. Vales- plural of vale, a valley.
  2. Valid- sound, legally acceptable.
  3. Valor- courage, bravery.
  4. Value- worth or importance.
  5. Valve- a device that regulates flow.
  6. Vamps- upper parts of shoes or lively, forward women.
  7. Vanda- a genus of orchids.
  8. Vanes- devices showing wind direction.
  9. Vangs- ropes on a sailboat for stabilizing.
  10. Vaped- inhaled vapor through an electronic cigarette.
  11. Vaper- one who uses an electronic cigarette.
  12. Vapes- plural for electronic cigarettes.
  13. Vapid- offering nothing stimulating, dull.
  14. Vapor- a visible exhalation, steam or gas.
  15. Varas- units of length in Spanish-speaking regions.
  16. Vardy- a variant of the surname Vardi.
  17. Vares- plural form of vare, obsolete unit.
  18. Varna- a city in Bulgaria.
  19. Vases- plural of vase, a decorative container.
  20. Vasts- plural of vast, very great extent or size.
  21. Vasty- immense, enormous.
  22. Vatic- of or relating to a prophet.
  23. Vault- a secure room or a leap.
  24. Vaunt- to boast about.
  25. Vegan- person who does not eat/use animal products.
  26. Velds- open grassland in Southern Africa.
  27. Velum- a membrane or veil.
  28. Venal- corrupt, open to bribery.
  29. Vends- sells.
  30. Venin- snake venom.
  31. Venom- poisonous fluid from animals like snakes.
  32. Vents- releases or openings for air/gas.
  33. Venue- place where an event happens.
  34. Venus- second planet from the sun.
  35. Verbs- words that express action or state.
  36. Verge- an edge or border.
  37. Verse- a line of poetry.
  38. Verso- left-hand page of a book.
  39. Verts- green vegetation, forests.
  40. Vertu- knowledge or appreciation of art and beauty.
  41. Verve- energy, enthusiasm.
  42. Veryl- a variant of the name Varyl.
  43. Vesta- a small planet or a brand of matches.
  44. Vests- sleeveless garments worn on the torso.
  45. Vetch- a type of climbing plant.
  46. Vigas- traditional wooden roof supports.
  47. Vigil- watch kept during customary sleep hours.
  48. Viler- more unpleasant or despicable.
  49. Villa- a large and luxurious country residence.
  50. Vills- plural of vill, a village or town.
  51. Vimen- flexible twig or shoot.
  52. Vinal- resembling a vine.
  53. Vinas- a string instrument from India.
  54. Vines- plural of vine, a climbing plant.
  55. Vinyl- synthetic resin or plastic used especially for records.
  56. Viola- a stringed musical instrument.
  57. Viper- venomous snake.
  58. Viral- relating to or caused by a virus.
  59. Vireo- a small American songbird.
  60. Virgo- an astrological sign or constellation.
  61. Visas- documents allowing entry into a country.
  62. Visby- a locale in Sweden.
  63. Visit- to go see someone or somewhere.
  64. Visor- a shield for the eyes, like on a helmet.
  65. Vista- a pleasing view.
  66. Vital- essential, absolutely necessary.
  67. Vitro- in glass, used in medical and biological experiments.
  68. Vivas- cheers used to express appreciation or praise.
  69. Vivat- a cheer wishing someone a long life.
  70. Viver- vivarium or place housing live animals.
  71. Vivid- very bright, clear or detailed.
  72. Vixen- a female fox or a spirited woman.
  73. Vizir- variant spelling of vizier, a high official.
  74. Vizor- alternative spelling of visor, headgear protection.
  75. Vocal- relating to the voice.
  76. Vodka- a distilled alcoholic spirit.
  77. Vogue- popular style or practice.
  78. Voice- sound produced by humans to speak.
  79. Voidy- having gaps or empty spaces.
  80. Voila- exclamation to call attention, “there it is”.
  81. Voile- a thin, semi-transparent fabric.
  82. Volta- a turn or a time; also a form of Italian sonnet.
  83. Volts- units of electromotive force.
  84. Volva- cuplike structure at the base of mushroom stalks.
  85. Vomit- to expel stomach content through the mouth.
  86. Voted- gave one’s choice in a decision process.
  87. Voter- one who votes in an election.
  88. Votes- plural of vote, choices expressed collectively.
  89. Vouch- to assert or confirm.
  90. Vowed- promised solemnly.
  91. Vowel- speech sound from unrestricted air flow.
  92. Vower- one who makes a vow.
  93. Vroom- onomatopoeic word for engine sound.
  94. Vrouw- a married woman; used in South Africa.
  95. Vrows- plural of vrouw.
  96. Vuggs- small cavities in rocks.
  97. Vuggy- having small cavities, porous.
  98. Vulcan- god of fire in Roman mythology.
  99. Vulse- pull off or tear away forcefully.
  100. Vyasa- a sage in Hindu tradition who composed the Mahabharata.

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