5 Letter Words That End With E: Top Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of five-letter words that end with the letter “e.

  1. Apple- A type of fruit.
  2. Brave- Showing courage.
  3. Chime- A sound of bells or similar.
  4. Carve- Cut something into a shape.
  5. Clove- A spice or section of garlic.
  6. Crave- Strongly desire.
  7. Evoke- Bring to mind.
  8. Fluke- An unlikely chance occurrence.
  9. Grate- Scratch or grind.
  10. Scare- Cause fear.
  11. Slate- A type of rock or a list.
  12. Glove- A garment for the hand.
  13. Blame- Assign responsibility for a fault.
  14. Snipe- A wading bird or make a sly attack.
  15. Brine- Salt water.
  16. Spine- Backbone or something resembling one.
  17. Chase- Pursue to catch.
  18. Gripe- Complain persistently.
  19. Crate- A large container.
  20. Flare- Sudden burst of light.
  21. Broke- Without money.
  22. Raise- Lift up or promote.
  23. Guide- To lead or direct.
  24. Whine- Complain with a high-pitched tone.
  25. Inane- Silly or meaningless.
  26. Spoke- Each of the bars of a wheel.
  27. Praise- Express admiration.
  28. Close- Shut or near.
  29. Exile- Being barred from one’s native country.
  30. Nerve- Courage or a bundle of fibers.
  31. Fusee- A large match or time-keeping mechanism.
  32. Llame- (Spanish) To call.
  33. Recite- Repeat aloud from memory.
  34. Binge- Indulge in an activity excessively.
  35. Knock- Strike a surface noisily.
  36. Elate- Make very happy.
  37. Prune- Trim or a dried plum.
  38. Tithe- A tenth part of something.
  39. Hoarse- Rough, harsh voice.
  40. Lease- Rent property.
  41. Douse- Drench with water.
  42. Abide- Accept or act in accordance with.
  43. Swine- A pig.
  44. Fudge- A type of confectionery.
  45. Badge- A distinctive emblem.
  46. Dicey- Unpredictable or risky.
  47. Smite- Strike with a firm blow.
  48. These- Plural of ‘this’.
  49. Abort- Terminate prematurely.
  50. Baton- A stick or rod used by a leader.
  51. Spine- The backbone.
  52. Grime- Dirt ingrained on a surface.
  53. Ledge- A narrow shelf.
  54. Lathe- A machine for shaping wood or metal.
  55. Prone- Likely to suffer from something.
  56. Score- Record of points in a game.
  57. Maize- Corn.
  58. Truce- An agreement to stop fighting.
  59. Verge- Edge or border.
  60. Verge- Approach closely.
  61. Scuse- Abbreviation of excuse.
  62. Bloke- Informal term for a man.
  63. Trite- Overused and unoriginal.
  64. Ozone- A form of oxygen with three atoms.
  65. Utile- Useful.
  66. Gnome- Mythical small creature.
  67. Plume- A feather or token of honor.
  68. Frame- Structure giving shape or support.
  69. Brave- Ready to face danger.
  70. Clime- Climate or region.
  71. Cape- Coastal headland or sleeveless garment.
  72. Grave- A burial site.
  73. Bribe- Offer money for illegal favors.
  74. Crone- An old woman.
  75. Chore- A routine task.
  76. Smile- Expression of happiness.
  77. Crane- Large bird or lifting device.
  78. Choke- Strangle or block.
  79. Midge- Small fly.
  80. Trice- A very short time.
  81. Abode- Residence or dwelling.
  82. Chime- Sound made by a bell.
  83. Glide- Move smoothly.
  84. Price- Cost of something.
  85. Spite- Malice or mean behavior.
  86. Blade- The flat cutting edge of a tool or weapon.
  87. Bride- A woman on her wedding day.
  88. Fluke- Unlikely occurrence or part of fish anatomy.
  89. Rinse- Wash with water.
  90. Lapse- A temporary failure.
  91. Frisk- Search or skip around playfully.
  92. Pique- Resentment or curiosity.
  93. Venue- Location of an event.
  94. Brogue- Strongly pronounced accent.
  95. Clique- Exclusive group.
  96. Grove- Small group of trees.
  97. Sprite- Elf or fairy.
  98. Scope- Range or extent.
  99. Elude- Escape from.
  100. Guide- Person who shows the way.

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