5 Letter Words That Start With A and End in T: Uncover Your Perfect Match

Discover a variety of five-letter words that start with ‘a’ and end in ‘t’ to enhance your vocabulary and word game skills.

  1. Abbot- head of an abbey
  2. Abort- to end or terminate prematurely
  3. Adapt- to adjust or modify
  4. Adopt- to take up or start to use
  5. Afoot- in progress or movement
  6. Agent- a representative or delegate
  7. Ahint- Scottish word behind
  8. Alert- watchful and quick to respond
  9. Allot- to distribute or allocate
  10. Aloft- high up; in the air
  11. Amort- outdated term for dead or extinguished
  12. Apart- separated by a distance or space
  13. Argot- specialized language used by a group
  14. Ascot- a broad neck scarf
  15. Asset- useful or valuable thing or person
  16. Audit- an official inspection of accounts
  17. Avant- vanguard or forefront

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