5 Letter Words That Start With A: Complete List and Usage Tips

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with the letter “A” to enhance your vocabulary and crossword skills.

  1. Abate- To reduce in intensity or amount.
  2. Abbot- The head of an abbey.
  3. Abide- To accept or act in accordance with.
  4. Abled- Having physical power or capacity.
  5. Aboil- In a state of boiling.
  6. Abort- To stop a process prematurely.
  7. About- Concerning something.
  8. Above- At a higher place or position.
  9. Abuse- Improper treatment or usage.
  10. Abyss- A deep or seemingly bottomless chasm.
  11. Acorn- The fruit of the oak tree.
  12. Acrid- Harsh in taste or odor.
  13. Actor- A person who performs in plays or movies.
  14. Adage- A proverb or short statement expressing a general truth.
  15. Adapt- To make suitable or adjust.
  16. Adept- Very skilled or proficient.
  17. Admin- Short for administrator, overseeing operations.
  18. Admit- To confess or allow entry.
  19. Adobe- A kind of clay used as a building material.
  20. Adopt- To legally take another’s child as one’s own.
  21. Adore- To love deeply and with respect.
  22. Adult- A person who is fully grown or mature.
  23. Affix- To attach or stick.
  24. After- Beyond in time or position.
  25. Again- Another time; once more.
  26. Agape- Wide open, especially with surprise.
  27. Agate- A gemstone with concentric color bands.
  28. Agent- A person acting on behalf of another.
  29. Agile- Able to move quickly and easily.
  30. Agony- Extreme physical or mental suffering.
  31. Agree- To have the same opinion.
  32. Ahead- Further forward in space or time.
  33. Aider- One who assists or helps.
  34. Aisle- A passage between rows of seats.
  35. Alarm- A warning of danger.
  36. Album- A collection of recordings or photos.
  37. Alert- Watchful and quick to notice.
  38. Alias- Used to indicate that a named person is also known as another.
  39. Alibi- Proof that one was elsewhere when an act took place.
  40. Alien- Belonging to a foreign country or nation.
  41. Align- Place or arrange in a straight line.
  42. Alive- Living, not dead.
  43. Alloy- A metal made by combining two or more metallic elements.
  44. Alone- Having no one else present.
  45. Along- Moving or extending horizontally on.
  46. Aloof- Not friendly or forthcoming.
  47. Amass- Gather together or accumulate.
  48. Amber- Hard translucent fossilized resin.
  49. Amble- Walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace.
  50. Amend- Make changes to.
  51. Amino- Relating to an amine or its derivatives.
  52. Amity- A friendly relationship.
  53. Ample- Enough or more than enough.
  54. Amuse- Cause to find something funny.
  55. Angel- A spiritual being believed to act as an attendant of God.
  56. Anger- Strong annoyance or irritation.
  57. Angle- The space between two intersecting lines or surfaces.
  58. Angry- Feeling or showing strong annoyance.
  59. Angst- A feeling of deep anxiety or dread.
  60. Anise- A flowering plant known for its flavor.
  61. Annex- Add as an extra or subordinate part.
  62. Annoy- Irritate someone to provoke a reaction.
  63. Anode- The positive electrode in an electrical device.
  64. Antic- Grotesque or bizarre.
  65. Anvil- A heavy steel or iron block on which metal can be hammered and shaped.
  66. Aorta- The main artery of the body.
  67. Apart- To be separated by a distance or in time.
  68. Apple- A round fruit of a tree of the rose family.
  69. Apply- Make a formal application or request.
  70. Apron- A garment worn to protect clothes.
  71. Aptly- In a manner that is appropriate or suitable.
  72. Arbor- A shaded garden area or walkway.
  73. Arced- Having the shape of an arc.
  74. Arden- Intensely enthusiastic or passionate.
  75. Arena- A place with a flat open area for public events.
  76. Argue- Exchange or express diverging opinions.
  77. Ariel- A spirit in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.
  78. Arnab- A variant of the name “arnob,” meaning “ocean”.
  79. Aroma- A distinctive, typically pleasant smell.
  80. Arose- Past tense of arise.
  81. Array- An impressive display or range.
  82. Arrow- A shaft sharpened at one end and with a feathered tail.
  83. Arses- Plural of arse, vulgar slang for the buttocks.
  84. Ascot- A necktie with broad ends.
  85. Ashen- Pale gray color of ash.
  86. Aside- To one side; out of the way.
  87. Asked- Past tense of ask.
  88. Aspect- A particular part or feature.
  89. Aspen- A type of tree known for its trembling leaves.
  90. Asset- A useful or valuable thing.
  91. Atlas- A book of maps or charts.
  92. Atoll- A ring-shaped reef, island, or chain of islands.
  93. Attic- A space or room just below the roof of a building.
  94. Audio- Relating to sound or hearing.
  95. Audit- An official inspection of accounts.
  96. Augur- (of an event or circumstance) portend a good or bad outcome.
  97. Aunty- Informal for aunt.
  98. Avoid- Keep away from or stop oneself from doing.
  99. Awake- Not asleep.
  100. Award- A prize or other mark of recognition.

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