5 Letter Words That Start With At: Useful List

Discover a list of five-letter words that start with “at” to boost your vocabulary and impress your friends.

  1. Atlas- A book of maps or charts.
  2. Atran- To run or hurry quickly.
  3. Atone- Make amends or reparations.
  4. Atter- Extremely worried or upset.
  5. Attic- Space just below the roof of a house.
  6. Atray- Stray, go off course.
  7. Atree- Derived from or located in trees.
  8. Atrip- Ready for departure.
  9. Ataxy- Lack of muscle coordination.
  10. Atoll- A ring-shaped reef or island.
  11. Attar- A fragrant essential oil.
  12. Atopy- Genetic tendency to develop allergic diseases.
  13. Atmas- Plural of Atma, the soul or self.
  14. Atifs- Plural of Atif, a given name.
  15. Atmas- Spiritual beings or entities.

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