5 Letter Words That Start With Br – List & Examples

If you’re searching for five-letter words that start with “br,” this article lists some great options to expand your vocabulary.

  • Brain- Organ of thought
  • Brand- Label or type
  • Bread- Food made from yeast dough
  • Break- Separate into pieces
  • Bring- Take along to a place
  • Broad- Wide
  • Braid- Interwoven strands
  • Brake- Device for stopping
  • Brawn- Muscular strength
  • Brave- Courageous
  • Brash- Impudent
  • Brine- Salty water
  • Brown- A color
  • Brush- Groom with a brush
  • Brick- Block of clay
  • Brisk- Energetic
  • Broil- Cook with direct heat
  • Bride- Woman on her wedding day
  • Brood- Group of young birds
  • Broke- Had no money
  • Bronc- Saddle horse for riding
  • Brass- Metal alloy of copper and zinc
  • Breed- Raise animals or plants selectively
  • Briar- Thorny plant
  • Brink- Edge or verge
  • Brisk- Lively or quick in movement

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