5 Letter Words That Start With C and End in E

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of five-letter words that start with the letter “C” and end with the letter “E.

  1. Crave- To long for intensely.
  2. Clove- A spice from a flower bud; also a garlic segment.
  3. Chive- A culinary herb.
  4. Chute- An inclined channel or slide.
  5. Cadge- To beg or scrounge.
  6. Curve- A bending line without sharp angles.
  7. Cause- A reason or motive.
  8. Carve- To cut into a desired shape.
  9. Close- To shut; near.
  10. Crate- A large container for transport.
  11. Caste- A social class system in some societies.
  12. Conte- A short story.
  13. Canoe- A narrow lightweight boat.
  14. Coupe- A car with a fixed roof and two doors.
  15. Cache- A hidden storage space.
  16. Cense- To perfume with incense.
  17. Chine- The backbone, especially of an animal.
  18. Chose- Past tense of “choose”.
  19. Clone- A genetically identical organism.
  20. Cygne- A swan in French.
  21. Cruse- A small container for liquids.
  22. Cover- To place something over or on to conceal or protect.
  23. Cleve- To split or sever.
  24. Chime- A ringing sound.
  25. Comte- A count in French society.
  26. Creme- A rich paste or cream.
  27. Curve- A smooth, rounded line.
  28. Cable- A thick rope or wire.
  29. Canoe- A lightweight, narrow boat.
  30. Caree- A variant of “career,” a professional path.
  31. Chere- Dear or cher in French.
  32. Chine- A ridge or backbone.
  33. Cruze- A small vessel in Mexican Spanish (variant of Cruse).
  34. Carse- Archaic term for lowland.
  35. Crine- To weep or cry, variant spelling.
  36. Chafe- To irritate through rubbing.
  37. Covet- To yearn for something.
  38. Coble- A small flat-bottomed fishing boat.
  39. Civie- Civilian clothing in military terms.
  40. Cadie- A Scottish term for a man or boy.
  41. Cairn- A mound of stones as a memorial.
  42. Cedar- A type of tree.
  43. Caver- Someone who explores caves.
  44. Ceder- Variant of “cedar.”
  45. Chape- The metal tip of a scabbard.
  46. Chase- To pursue.
  47. Coate- Variant of “coat,” a garment.
  48. Crave- To have a strong desire.
  49. Crone- An old woman.
  50. Carve- To cut or shape wood, stone, etc.
  51. Clause- A stipulation in a contract.
  52. Chase- To follow or pursue.
  53. Chide- To scold or rebuke.
  54. Clime- A region with distinct weather.
  55. Clove- To separate or split.
  56. Cadge- To beg.
  57. Clique- A small, exclusive group.
  58. Chime- The sound of a bell.
  59. Crate- A box for shipping.
  60. Caste- A social class or group.
  61. Creme- A rich cream or paste.
  62. Coque- A decorative shell used in art.
  63. Crepe- A thin pancake.
  64. Canoe- A slim, watercraft.
  65. Chine- Backbone.
  66. Conte- A short story.
  67. Cove- A small, sheltered bay.
  68. Carle- A churl or old man.
  69. Crave- To desire greatly.
  70. Crede- To believe.
  71. Corve- A type of labor tax.
  72. Curse- A wish for misfortune.
  73. Chore- A routine task.
  74. Combe- A deep, narrow valley.
  75. Cloze- A type of test with fill-in-the-blanks.
  76. Covee- A protected space, variant of cove.
  77. Crake- A small bird.
  78. Carpe- Seize, in “carpe diem.”
  79. Croze- A tool for setting barrel hoops.
  80. Clope- A secret path or route.

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