5 Letter Words That Start With C: Expand Your Vocabulary Effortlessly

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with the letter “C” to expand your vocabulary and enhance your word games.

  1. Cabal- A secret political clique or faction.
  2. Cable- A thick rope of wire or nonmetallic fiber.
  3. Cache- A collection of items stored in a hidden place.
  4. Cacti- Plural of cactus.
  5. Cadet- A young trainee in the armed services or police force.
  6. Cadre- A small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose.
  7. Cagey- Reluctant to give information due to caution.
  8. Cairn- A mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark.
  9. Calve- To give birth to a calf.
  10. Camel- A large, long-necked ungulate animal native to the Middle East and Africa.
  11. Cameo- A small character part in a play or movie, or a method of carving.
  12. Campo- A field or open space.
  13. Canny- Having or showing shrewdness and good judgment.
  14. Canoe- A narrow, keelless boat with pointed ends.
  15. Capon- A castrated male chicken.
  16. Carat- A unit of weight for precious stones, equivalent to 200 mg.
  17. Cargo- Goods carried on a ship, aircraft, or motor vehicle.
  18. Carny- Relating to or characterized by a carnival.
  19. Carve- To cut (a hard material) in order to produce an aesthetically pleasing object or design.
  20. Casco- A type of iron helmet used in the 17th century.
  21. Casts- Throws or flings (something).
  22. Catch- To capture after pursuit.
  23. Catty- Deliberately hurtful in one’s remarks; spiteful.
  24. Caulk- To seal (a gap or seam) with a waterproof filler and sealant.
  25. Cause- A principle, aim, or movement that is strongly defended or supported.
  26. Ceded- To give up (power or territory).
  27. Cedre- An alternate spelling of cedar, a type of coniferous tree.
  28. Cello- A bass instrument of the violin family, held upright on the floor by the player.
  29. Chafe- To wear or damage by rubbing.
  30. Chalk- A soft white limestone used for writing and drawing.
  31. Champ- To chew noisily.
  32. Chaos- Complete disorder and confusion.
  33. Charm- The power or quality of delighting, attracting, or fascinating others.
  34. Chart- A detailed plan or diagram.
  35. Chase- To pursue in order to catch or catch up with.
  36. Cheat- Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.
  37. Check- To examine (something) in order to determine accuracy, quality, or condition.
  38. Cheer- To shout for joy or in praise or encouragement.
  39. Chemo- Short for chemotherapy, a type of cancer treatment.
  40. Chess- A board game of strategic skill for two players.
  41. Chips- Thin slices of food, typically potatoes, fried or baked until crisp.
  42. Chirp- A short, sharp sound made by small birds or insects.
  43. Chock- A wedge or block placed against a wheel or rounded object, to prevent it from moving.
  44. Choir- An organized group of singers, especially one that takes part in church services.
  45. Choke- To prevent the breathing of by compressing or obstructing the windpipe.
  46. Chomp- To chew or bite on something noisily.
  47. Chops- A person’s or animal’s mouth or jaws.
  48. Chose- Past tense of choose; selected.
  49. Chugs- Makes a series of muffled explosive sounds, typically of an engine.
  50. Chump- A foolish or easily deceived person.
  51. Churn- To stir or shake (liquid or another substance) vigorously.
  52. Chute- A sloping channel or slide for conveying things to a lower level.
  53. Cinch- An extremely easy task.
  54. Circa- Approximately or around (used with dates).
  55. Cited- Refer to (a passage, book, or author) as evidence.
  56. Civic- Relating to a city or town, especially its administration.
  57. Civil- Relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns.
  58. Clack- To make an abrupt, sharp sound.
  59. Claim- State or assert that something is the case.
  60. Clamp- A device used to hold or secure objects tightly together.
  61. Clang- A loud, resonant sound, typically made by metal striking another object.
  62. Clash- To come into conflict or opposition.
  63. Clasp- Grasp (something) tightly with one’s hand.
  64. Class- A set or category of things having some property or attribute in common.
  65. Clean- Free from dirt, marks, or stains.
  66. Clear- Easy to perceive, understand, or interpret.
  67. Click- Make a short, sharp sound.
  68. Cliff- A steep rock face, especially at the edge of the sea.
  69. Climb- Go or come up a (slope or staircase); ascend.
  70. Cling- Hold on tightly to.
  71. Cloak- A sleeveless outdoor overgarment that hangs loosely from the shoulders.
  72. Clock- A mechanical or electrical device for measuring time.
  73. Clone- A copy of something, especially a living organism.
  74. Close- To cause (an opening, such as a door or window) to be blocked or not passable.
  75. Cloth- Woven or felted fabric made from wool, cotton, or a similar fiber.
  76. Cloud- A visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground.
  77. Clown- A comic performer, especially one in a circus, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated makeup.
  78. Clubs- Sticks used in games or sports, sometimes specifically in the game of golf.
  79. Clues- Pieces of evidence that lead to the solving of a problem.
  80. Clump- A compacted group or bunch, especially of people or objects.
  81. Coach- A person who trains and directs athletes or a team.
  82. Coast- The part of the land adjoining or near the sea.
  83. Cobra- A highly venomous snake known for its hooded appearance when agitated.
  84. Cocci- Spherical bacteria (singular: coccus).
  85. Cocky- Conceited or confident in a bold or cheeky way.
  86. Cocoa- A powder made from roasted and ground cacao seeds.
  87. Codec- A device or program that compresses data to enable faster transmission.
  88. Codex- An ancient manuscript text in book form.
  89. Coils- A series of loops.
  90. Coins- Metallic forms of money.
  91. Cokes- Solid residues obtained from petroleum distillation, used as a fuel.
  92. Colas- Carbonated soft drinks.
  93. Coldly- In a way that lacks affection or warmth.
  94. Colin- A type of bird, similar to a quail.
  95. Colin- As above; variant spelling.
  96. Color- The property possessed by an object producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.
  97. Colts- Young male horses, particularly under four years old.
  98. Comas- States of deep unconsciousness lasting for a prolonged or indefinite period.
  99. Combs- Tools used for grooming hair, made of a shaft of wood, metal, or plastic, with a row of narrow teeth.
  100. Comfy- Informal term for comfortable.

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