5 Letter Words That Start With Ca – Your Quick Reference

Discover a comprehensive list of five-letter words that start with “ca” for your next word game or vocabulary challenge.

  1. Cabin- A small, simple house, usually in a rural area.
  2. Cable- A thick rope of wire or fiber, used for various purposes.
  3. Caddy- A small storage container.
  4. Camel- A large, humped mammal native to the deserts of Asia and Africa.
  5. Candy- A confection made with sugar.
  6. Canoe- A narrow, keelless boat.
  7. Carat- A unit of weight for precious stones.
  8. Carny- A carnival worker.
  9. Catty- Slyly spiteful or malicious.
  10. Cameo- A piece of jewelry, typically oval in shape.
  11. Carve- To cut (a hard material) in order to produce an object.
  12. Cavil- To make petty or unnecessary objections.
  13. Caper- To skip or dance about in a lively manner.
  14. Caput- The head of a person or animal.
  15. Caste- A class structure determined by birth.
  16. Catch- To capture.
  17. Carte- A map or a menu.
  18. Cater- To provide food and drink.
  19. Caulk- A waterproof filler used to seal joints.
  20. Cacti- Plural of cactus.
  21. Caddy- A container for storing tea.
  22. Cable- Twisted wires for transmitting electricity or data.
  23. Cairn- A heap of stones set up as a landmark.
  24. Cadet- A young trainee in the armed services.
  25. Calyx- The outermost whorl of a flower.
  26. Cavil- Quibble over trivial matters.
  27. Cardy- Refers to a cardigan.
  28. Caste- A social class.
  29. Cavil- Raise trivial objections.
  30. Cause- The reason for an action or event.
  31. Canoe- A narrow boat.
  32. Capon- A castrated rooster.
  33. Carey- A surname of Gaelic origin.
  34. Canes- Sticks used for support.
  35. Canal- A man-made waterway.
  36. Cacao- Bean used to make chocolate.
  37. Cameo- A small role in a film.
  38. Caped- Wearing a cloak.
  39. Cabin- A small shelter.
  40. Cable- A thick wire or rope.
  41. Candy- Sweet confections.
  42. Canoe- A lightweight boat.
  43. Capon- A castrated male chicken.
  44. Cargo- Goods carried on a ship or plane.
  45. Carve- Cut into a shape.
  46. Cacti- Desert plants.
  47. Carny- A carnival worker.
  48. Carol- A festive song.
  49. Catty- Sly and spiteful.
  50. Cacao- Tree producing cocoa beans.
  51. Caper- A playful leap.
  52. Cairn- A pile of stones on a trail.
  53. Cavel- A low hill or knoll.
  54. Caste- A hereditary class.
  55. Cater- To provide food for an event.
  56. Catch- To seize or capture.
  57. Caulk- To seal with a waterproof filler.
  58. Cameo- A raised image on a stone or shell.
  59. Canto- A main division of a long poem.
  60. Catty- Spiteful or catlike.
  61. Caulk- Apply a waterproof filler.
  62. Carve- Cut with a tool.
  63. Carny- Works at a carnival.
  64. Canal- An artificial waterway.

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