5 Letter Words That Start With Cr

This article provides a list of five-letter words that start with “cr” to help with word games and vocabulary building.

  1. Crabs- Sea creatures with a hard shell and pincers.
  2. Crags- Steep, rugged cliffs or rocks.
  3. Crams- Forces into a small space.
  4. Crane- A large bird or a lifting device.
  5. Crank- A device that converts circular motion.
  6. Crass- Lacking sensitivity or refinement.
  7. Crate- A large shipping box.
  8. Crave- To have a strong desire for something.
  9. Crawl- To move slowly on hands and knees.
  10. Craze- A temporary trend or fad.
  11. Creme- A variant of cream, usually a dessert.
  12. Crepe- A type of thin pancake.
  13. Crest- The top of a hill or wave.
  14. Croak- The sound a frog makes.
  15. Croft- A small enclosed field or farm.
  16. Crony- A close friend or companion.
  17. Crook- A bend or curve; also, a dishonest person.
  18. Crops- Cultivated plants or agricultural produce.
  19. Cross- Intersecting lines; also a symbol.
  20. Crowd- A large gathering of people.
  21. Crown- A headpiece worn by royalty.
  22. Crude- Unrefined or raw.
  23. Cruel- Willfully causing pain or suffering.
  24. Crust- The outer layer of bread or pie.
  25. Crypt- An underground burial vault.
  26. Craft- An activity involving skill in making things.
  27. Crimp- To fold or press into ridges or grooves.
  28. Crisp- Tender and brittle.
  29. Crumb- A small fragment of bread, cake, or cookie.
  30. Crust- The tough outer part of bread or pizza.
  31. Crank- A handle that turns in a circular motion.
  32. Crash- A sudden loud noise or collision.
  33. Crimp- To press or style into small folds.
  34. Crone- An old woman, often used disparagingly.
  35. Creek- A small stream or brook.
  36. Crier- A town announcer or person who cries out in announcements.
  37. Crips- Referring to something crispy or crunchy.
  38. Crape- Another word for crepe, a type of thin fabric or pancake.
  39. Cress- A type of leafy green used in salads.
  40. Crews- Groups of people working together.
  41. Cruet- A small container for vinegar, oil, etc.
  42. Crucy- Informal short for cruciform or cross-shaped.
  43. Crane- A large, long-necked bird or a lifting device.
  44. Crave- To desire intensely.
  45. Crimp- To fold or press into small ridges or grooves.

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