5 Letter Words That Start With D

If you’re looking for five-letter words that start with “d,” you’ll find a helpful list right here.

  1. Dance- To move rhythmically to music.
  2. Dater- Someone who dates.
  3. Dairy- A place for processing milk products.
  4. Daddy- An affectionate term for father.
  5. Daisy- A type of flowering plant.
  6. Daily- Happening every day.
  7. Dandy- A man who is very concerned with his appearance.
  8. Dairy- Related to milk products.
  9. Dealer- A person who buys and sells.
  10. Drama- A play for theater or television.
  11. Draft- A preliminary version of a document.
  12. Dwarf- A small mythical creature.
  13. Dread- Fear or apprehension.
  14. Drill- A tool for making holes.
  15. Drape- To cover loosely with cloth.
  16. Drove- Past tense of drive.
  17. Dummy- A model of a human figure.
  18. Dully- In a boring manner.
  19. Dried- No longer wet.
  20. Doing- The act of performing a task.
  21. Drift- To be carried slowly by a force.
  22. Dealt- Past tense of deal.
  23. Defer- To delay or postpone.
  24. Desert- A barren sandy area.
  25. Dashy- Stylish and showy.
  26. Deny- To refuse to admit.
  27. Douce- Sweet, gentle.
  28. Dishy- Attractive, good-looking.
  29. Dwell- To live or reside.
  30. Delay- To make something happen later.
  31. Drawn- Pulled or moved.
  32. Doubt- Uncertainty.
  33. Downs- Rolling hills.
  34. Debut- A first public appearance.
  35. Dirty- Unclean.
  36. Depth- Distance downward or inward.
  37. Demon- An evil spirit.
  38. Decaf- Coffee with removed caffeine.
  39. Digit- A finger or toe.
  40. Dicey- Risky or uncertain.
  41. Drone- A continuous low humming sound.
  42. Diner- A small, informal restaurant.
  43. Defog- Remove mist from.
  44. Dough- A mixture for making bread.
  45. Delve- To dig or explore deeply.
  46. Depot- A storage place.
  47. Domed- Having a rounded roof.
  48. Drear- Dreary; dismal.
  49. Douse- To drench with liquid.
  50. Drama- An exciting event.
  51. Dutop- A concept from obsolete languages.
  52. Deity- A god or goddess.
  53. Dirge- A mournful song.
  54. Draft- Military enlistment.
  55. Drank- Past tense of drink.
  56. Dozen- Twelve items.
  57. Dusky- Somewhat dark.
  58. Dense- Closely packed together.
  59. Diary- A daily written record.
  60. Dolly- A small figure or a wheeled platform.
  61. Deter- To discourage or prevent.
  62. Deuce- Two; especially in cards or dice.
  63. Ditto- The same thing again.
  64. Dryly- Without emotion.
  65. Dizzy- Light-headed, unsteady.
  66. Digital- Relating to digits or numbers.
  67. Diver- A person who dives.
  68. Dewey- Covered with dew.
  69. Drama- Genre in literature.
  70. Docky- Pertaining to docks.
  71. Demon- Evil or supernatural force.
  72. Darko- Pertains to darkness.
  73. Dunks- Plunges briefly into a liquid.
  74. Drift- Slow movement by wind.
  75. Donor- A person who gives.
  76. Derby- A type of hat or a race.
  77. Dingo- A wild dog native to Australia.
  78. Dowry- Property brought by a bride to her husband.
  79. Decry- Publicly denounce.
  80. Decay- Decomposition.
  81. Dregs- The remnants of a liquid.
  82. Doggy- Something related to dogs.
  83. Dummy- A person or imitation object.
  84. Demur- Raise doubts or objections.
  85. Draft- Air current or document sketch.
  86. Dated- Out of date or old-fashioned.
  87. Dogma- A principle or set of principles.
  88. Dexes- Plural of dexterity.
  89. Dunce- A slow learner.
  90. Dross- Waste or impure matter.
  91. Desks- Plural for desk.
  92. Ducts- Channels or tubes.
  93. Digit- Numerical value.
  94. Dolly- Toy figure or equipment.
  95. Drone- Male bee or monotonous sound.
  96. Drugs- Substances for medical use.
  97. Drink- To consume a liquid.
  98. Drips- Small continuous drops.
  99. Dukes- Plural of duke.
  100. Dusty- Covered with or resembling dust.

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