5 Letter Words That Start With Do: Complete List

Looking for words with five letters that start with “do”? You’ll find a comprehensive list right here!

  1. Dodge- to avoid something by moving quickly.
  2. Dowel- a cylindrical pin for aligning or joining wood.
  3. Donor- a person who gives something, typically money or blood.
  4. Dolly- a small platform on wheels for moving heavy objects.
  5. Dorms- short for dormitories, places where students sleep.
  6. Dough- a mixture of flour and water used for baking.
  7. Douse- to pour liquid over; to extinguish.
  8. Docks- platforms extending from land over water for boats.
  9. Doped- administered drugs to enhance performance or induce stupor.
  10. Dogma- a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority.
  11. Doted- showed excessive love or fondness.
  12. Downs- soft, fluffy feathers or a series of hills.
  13. Dozen- a group or set of twelve.
  14. Dodgy- risky or unreliable; underhanded.
  15. Domic- relating to the home or residence.
  16. Donut- a sweet fried dough confection.
  17. Dorks- socially awkward or unstylish people.
  18. Douse- to plunge into water or throw water on.
  19. Doily- a small ornamental mat made of paper or lace.
  20. Doges- chief magistrates of Venice or Genoa.
  21. Dosed- administered medication.
  22. Douce- quiet, sober, or sedate in behavior.
  23. Dodge- to evade or avoid something.
  24. Doesy- slightly drowsy.
  25. Dobes- a shortened form of Doberman, a dog breed.
  26. Doped- drugged for certain effects.
  27. Donas- gifts, often in a religious context.
  28. Doggo- a playful term for dog.
  29. Doved- plunged or dived into water.
  30. Dowel- a pin for joining wood.
  31. Dozed- slept lightly or naped.
  32. Doers- people who take action.
  33. Dobro- a type of resonator guitar.
  34. Donut- a popular sweet treat usually ring-shaped.
  35. Doxes- reveals people’s private information online.
  36. Doubt- uncertainty or lack of conviction.
  37. Docks- areas where ships load and unload cargo.
  38. Dongs- terms for loud resonant sounds.
  39. Dobra- a currency of São Tomé and Príncipe.
  40. Dogly- in a manner characteristic of a dog.
  41. Donas- plural of dona, Spanish for lady or gift.
  42. Domino- a small tile used in a game of the same name.
  43. Dolly- a wheeled device to move heavy objects.
  44. Dojos- places for martial arts training.
  45. Doggo- slang for dog.
  46. Douse- to extinguish or soak.
  47. Dormy- in golf, a situation where a player cannot lose.
  48. Doink- a comedic sound effect.
  49. Docos- short for documentaries.
  50. Donor- someone who gives something voluntarily.
  51. Dobie- informal for Doberman, a dog breed.
  52. Dooms- death, destruction, or any very bad situation.
  53. Dotty- crazy or eccentric.
  54. Douse- to pour liquid over.
  55. Dozed- took a light nap.
  56. Doted- showed extreme affection.
  57. Doula- a woman who assists in childbirth.
  58. Doves- birds known for their gentle appearance and manner.
  59. Dowry- property or money brought by a bride to her husband.
  60. Doled- distributed shares of something.
  61. Dowse- to search for underground water.
  62. Dodgy- suspicious or unreliable.
  63. Doomsy- foreboding or ominous.
  64. Donas- noble ladies in Spanish or Portuguese culture.
  65. Donum- a gift in ancient Rome.
  66. Doups- a Scottish term for buttocks.
  67. Dozer- a machine for moving earth, like a bulldozer.
  68. Dogie- a motherless calf in the Western U.S.
  69. Doers- active individuals who get things done.
  70. Dobby- a type of fabric with a small geometric pattern.
  71. Dowls- small wooden pegs.
  72. Dorms- student housing facilities.
  73. Domey- resembling a dome.
  74. Dobro- a brand of resonator guitar.
  75. Doled- dealt out or distributed.
  76. Dolby- a type of sound system technology.
  77. Dowse- to search for water using a rod.
  78. Dolor- sorrow or distress.
  79. Dover- a type of sole fish.
  80. Dogue- a French name for mastiff.
  81. Dharma- a key concept in Indian religions, often meaning law or duty.
  82. Dodds- plural of dodd, a unit in farming or Scottish hills.
  83. Doats- old term meaning to dote.
  84. Doins- slang for doings, activities or events.
  85. Dooks- Scottish for ducks or plunges into water.
  86. Doups- low Scottish hills.
  87. Domed- something rounded shape like a dome.
  88. Dobbs- surnames or locations named Dobbs.
  89. Dotes- shows excessive love or fondness.
  90. Dobro- a specific type of guitar.
  91. Doffs- removes an article of clothing.
  92. Dobla- historical Spanish or Portuguese gold coin.
  93. Dogs’- possessive form of dog (belonging to the dogs).
  94. Donga- South African term for a dry bed or ditch.
  95. Docks- piers or wharves for ships.
  96. Dodge- to elude or avoid.

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