5 Letter Words That Start With E: Expand Your Vocabulary

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with the letter E to enhance your vocabulary and bolster your word games skills.

  1. Eager- showing keen interest
  2. Eagle- a large bird of prey
  3. Early- before the usual time
  4. Earth- the planet we live on
  5. Easel- a frame for holding art
  6. Eaten- past participle of eat
  7. Eater- one who eats
  8. Ebbed- diminished or lessened
  9. Ebony- dark black wood
  10. Eclat- brilliant display or effect
  11. Edict- an official order
  12. Edify- instruct or improve morally
  13. Eerie- strange and frightening
  14. Effet- misspelling of “effect” (not a valid word)
  15. Egret- a type of wading bird
  16. Eject- to throw out forcefully
  17. Elate- to make very happy
  18. Elbow- the joint between forearm and upper arm
  19. Elder- older or senior
  20. Elect- to choose by voting
  21. Elegy- a poem for the deceased
  22. Elemi- a type of tree resin
  23. Elfie- no standard definition (not commonly used)
  24. Elite- a select group considered superior
  25. Elope- to run away to marry
  26. Elude- to escape from
  27. Elver- a young eel
  28. Elves- mythical creatures
  29. Email- electronic mail
  30. Ember- a small piece of burning coal
  31. Emcee- master of ceremonies
  32. Ember- a glowing piece of coal or wood
  33. Emery- a hard mineral used for polishing
  34. Emiss- misspelling of “emissary” (not a valid word)
  35. Emoji- a digital icon used to express emotions
  36. Empir- misspelling of “empire” (not a valid word)
  37. Empty- containing nothing
  38. Enact- to make into law
  39. Endow- to provide with a quality or asset
  40. Enemy- one who is hostile or opposed
  41. Enjoy- to take pleasure in
  42. Ennui- a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction
  43. Ensue- to happen afterward
  44. Enter- to come or go into
  45. Entry- an act of entering
  46. Envoy- a representative or messenger
  47. Epees- plural of epee, a fencing sword
  48. Epics- plural of epic, a long poem or story
  49. Epoch- a period of time in history
  50. Epoxy- type of adhesive
  51. Equal- having the same value
  52. Equip- to provide necessary items
  53. Equid- family of horse-like animals
  54. Erase- to remove written or printed material
  55. Erect- to build or establish
  56. Ergot- a fungus growing on rye
  57. Erica- a genus of heath plants
  58. Erode- to wear away gradually
  59. Error- a mistake
  60. Eruct- to belch or burp
  61. Erugo- not a recognized English word
  62. Escot- historical term for providing food
  63. Esker- a long ridge formed by glacial streams
  64. Essay- a short piece of writing
  65. Ether- a type of organic compound
  66. Ethic- a set of moral principles
  67. Ethos- the characteristic spirit of a culture
  68. Etude- a musical composition for practice
  69. Evoke- to bring or recall to mind
  70. Ewoks- fictional creatures from “Star Wars”
  71. Exact- to demand and obtain by force
  72. Exalt- to hold in very high regard
  73. Excel- to be exceptionally good at something
  74. Exert- to apply or make an effort
  75. Exile- the state of being barred from one’s native country
  76. Exist- to have being or reality
  77. Exits- plural of exit, a way out
  78. Expel- to force someone to leave
  79. Extol- to praise enthusiastically
  80. Extra- more than usual
  81. Exude- to discharge slowly
  82. Exult- to rejoice or be joyful
  83. Eyrie- a large nest of an eagle or hawk
  84. Easel- a standing frame for displaying or supporting something
  85. Eaves- the edge of a roof that projects beyond the wall
  86. Edema- a condition characterized by excess fluid
  87. Edits- makes changes to text or video
  88. Eider- a type of duck
  89. Eidos- a distinctive form of something
  90. Eject- to throw something out
  91. Elude- to evade or escape from
  92. Ember- a small piece of glowing or smoldering material
  93. Empty- containing nothing
  94. Ennui- feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction
  95. Entry- act of entering
  96. Epees- swords used in fencing
  97. Ernie- a male given name
  98. Etude- a piece of music for practice
  99. Every- each and all of a group
  100. Evoke- to call forth or up

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