5 Letter Words That Start with G: Find Your Perfect Word

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with the letter “G” to enhance your vocabulary and word game strategies.

  1. Gable- triangular upper part of a wall
  2. Gadid- relating to the cod family of fish
  3. Gaffe- a social blunder or mistake
  4. Gains- profits or positive return
  5. Galas- festive or celebratory events
  6. Gales- strong winds
  7. Galls- irritates or annoys
  8. Gamay- type of grape used in wine
  9. Gamer- someone who plays games
  10. Gamma- third letter in Greek alphabet
  11. Ganef- a thief or scoundrel
  12. Gaper- one who gapes or stares
  13. Garbs- types or styles of clothing
  14. Gaits- manners of walking or moving
  15. Galls- irritates or harms
  16. Gases- air-like fluids that expand freely
  17. Gates- barriers that open or close for passage
  18. Gazes- looks intently at something
  19. Gears- mechanisms for transmitting motion
  20. Geeks- individuals with deep interest in specific areas
  21. Geese- a type of large waterfowl
  22. Gelid- very cold, icy
  23. Gende- the gender
  24. Genes- units of heredity in living organisms
  25. Gents- informal term for gentlemen
  26. Germs- microorganisms that can cause disease
  27. Getup- manner of dressing or outfit
  28. Ghats- stairways leading to a river
  29. Ghost- an apparition of a dead person
  30. Ghyll- a narrow mountain stream or ravine
  31. Giddy- feeling light-headed or dizzy
  32. Gifts- something given voluntarily without payment in return
  33. Gilds- covers thinly with gold
  34. Gills- respiratory organs of fish and some amphibians
  35. Gilts- young female pigs
  36. Gimme- informal way of saying “give me”
  37. Gimps- decorative braids or cords
  38. Girds- encircles or secures with a belt or band
  39. Girls- female children
  40. Girth- measurement around the middle of something
  41. Given- past participle of give
  42. Giver- one who gives
  43. Gizmo- a gadget or device
  44. Glade- an open space in a forest
  45. Gland- an organ that secretes chemical substances
  46. Glare- strong, glaring light
  47. Glass- a hard, brittle substance made from silica
  48. Glean- to gather slowly and laboriously
  49. Glibs- having a smooth, fluent way with words
  50. Glint- a small, bright flash of light
  51. Glitz- flashy or showy appearance
  52. Globs- a lump or mass of thick or sticky material
  53. Gloms- grabs or catches
  54. Gloss- a shiny or polished surface
  55. Glove- a covering for the hand
  56. Glows- emits a steady light
  57. Glued- past tense of glue, to stick or attach
  58. Gnarl- twist into a knotted or distorted shape
  59. Gnash- grind one’s teeth together as from rage
  60. Gnats- small two-winged flies often swarming in warm climates
  61. Goads- provokes or annoys someone to stimulate some action
  62. Goals- objectives or targets to achieve
  63. Goats- horned mammals related to sheep
  64. Godly- devoutly religious
  65. Goes- third person singular present of go
  66. Gogos- informal for go-go dancers or lively dance clubs
  67. Goofs- silly mistakes
  68. Gooks- offensive slang for people from Southeast Asia
  69. Goons- thugs or hired henchmen
  70. Goops- gooey or sticky substances
  71. Goose- a large waterbird, plural is geese
  72. Gordy- a variant spelling of gaudy; ostentatious
  73. Gores- pieces of fabric used to shape a garment
  74. Gorge- a narrow valley between hills or mountains
  75. Gorks- to stare stupidly or gaze vacantly
  76. Gorps- a snack consisting of mixed nuts, raisins, and often chocolate
  77. Gorsy- covered with gorse; prickly shrubs
  78. Gouge- a chisel with a curved blade
  79. Gourd- a large fruit with a hard skin
  80. Gowns- long dresses typically worn by women
  81. Grabs- seizes quickly or eagerly
  82. Grace- elegance or beauty of form
  83. Grade- a particular level of rank, quality, or proficiency
  84. Graft- a shoot or twig inserted into a slit on the trunk of another tree
  85. Grain- small, hard seeds of food plants like wheat, corn
  86. Grand- magnificent and imposing in appearance, size, or style
  87. Grant- agree to give or allow something requested
  88. Grape- a berry, typically green or purple, used for eating or making wine
  89. Graph- a diagram representing data
  90. Grasp- to grip something firmly
  91. Grass- vegetation consisting of typically short plants with long narrow leaves
  92. Grate- a frame of bars with gaps
  93. Grave- a place of burial for a dead body
  94. Gravy- a sauce made from cooked meat juices
  95. Graze- eat grass in a field
  96. Great- of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above average
  97. Greed- intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power
  98. Greek- relating to Greece or its language, culture, or people
  99. Green- color between blue and yellow in the spectrum
  100. Greet- to address with expressions of kind wishes

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