5 Letter Words That Start With Ga: Top Examples

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of five-letter words that start with “ga.

  1. Gabby- excessively talkative.
  2. Gable- triangular portion of a wall between edges of a sloping roof.
  3. Gaffe- an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment.
  4. Gaily- in a cheerful manner.
  5. Gainy- having a strong taste or flavor.
  6. Galax- a plant of the southeastern US valued for its evergreen leaves and white flowers.
  7. Galea- an anatomical part resembling a helmet.
  8. Gales- strong winds.
  9. Gallb- an alternative spelling of “gall,” a feeling of bitterness.
  10. Galls- abnormal growths on plants caused by insects or other organisms.
  11. Galop- a lively dance in triple time.
  12. Gamba- a leg, especially in references to ballet.
  13. Games- structured forms of play or competitive activities.
  14. Gamay- a variety of red wine grape.
  15. Gamed- played a game.
  16. Gamer- a person who plays video games or participates in role-playing games.
  17. Games- competitive activities or sports.
  18. Gamey- having the strong flavor or smell of game.
  19. Gamma- the third letter of the Greek alphabet.
  20. Gamps- large umbrellas.
  21. Gangs- organized groups, often involved in illegal activities.
  22. Gaped- stared with an open mouth.
  23. Gaper- one who gapes.
  24. Gapes- wide openings.
  25. Gappy- full of gaps.
  26. Garbs- clothing or dress.
  27. Garbo- style or glamour.
  28. Garda- an Italian term for a policeman.
  29. Garms- clothes (slang).
  30. Garni- garnished typically with vegetables, in cooking.
  31. Garbs- dress in distinctive or special clothes.
  32. Garys- plural for Gary, a common given name.
  33. Gazed- looked steadily and intently.
  34. Gazer- one who gazes.
  35. Gazes- looks steadily and intently.
  36. Gaza- a city in the Gaza Strip.
  37. Gayal- a domesticated bovine found in southeastern Asia.
  38. Gayly- in a cheerful or happy manner.
  39. Gazar- a silk organza fabric.
  40. Gazer- a person who gazes.
  41. Gator- an abbreviation for alligator.

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