5 Letter Words That Start with Ho

In this article, you’ll get a comprehensive list of five-letter words starting with “ho” to assist with your word games or linguistic curiosities.

  1. Hoist- To raise or lift something up.
  2. Hoard- To accumulate and store away items.
  3. Holly- A shrub with red berries and prickly dark green leaves.
  4. Hobby- An activity done regularly for pleasure in one’s leisure time.
  5. Hovel- A small, squalid, and unpleasant dwelling.
  6. Honey- A sweet, sticky substance produced by bees.
  7. Hoist- To lift or haul up often using ropes or machinery.
  8. Horde- A large group of people or objects, typically in a disorganized mass.
  9. Homer- A home run in baseball.
  10. Honor- High respect or esteem.

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