5 Letter Words That Start with J: Top Picks

If you’re curious about five-letter words that start with the letter “J,” you’ve come to the right place for a comprehensive list.

  1. Juice- A drink made from the extraction of fruit.
  2. Jumbo- Very large in size.
  3. Jumpy- Nervous and easily startled.
  4. Jolly- Happy and cheerful.
  5. Judges- Officials who decide legal cases.
  6. Joint- The place where two things are connected.
  7. Jewel- A precious stone.
  8. Joust- To engage in a combat with lances.
  9. Jinks- Lively or playful activities.
  10. Jaded- Worn out or tired.
  11. Jiffy- A very short amount of time.
  12. Jokes- Humorous anecdotes or remarks.
  13. Jubal- A biblical name; known for music.
  14. Juror- A member of a jury.
  15. Jacks- A card game also called Knucklebones.
  16. Jerks- Sudden, sharp movements.
  17. Jazzy- Lively or flashy.
  18. Jacks- Plural of Jack; playing pieces in a game.
  19. Jokes- Plural; humorous anecdotes or remarks.
  20. Jammy- Lucky or fortunate.
  21. Jocko- Nickname; often a jockey or athletic person.
  22. James- A common male first name.
  23. Jumpy- Plural; more than one; nervous and easily startled.
  24. Jambo- A greeting in Swahili.
  25. Jalap- A root used as a purgative.
  26. Jabot- Decorative frill on a blouse or shirt.
  27. Jorum- A large drinking vessel.
  28. Junks- Plural of junk; old or discarded items.
  29. Javas- Plural; Sumatran coffee.
  30. Janes- Plural; women’s name.

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