5 Letter Words That Start With L: Expand Your Vocabulary Effortlessly

Looking for five-letter words that start with the letter L? You’ll discover a comprehensive list of them in this article.

  1. Label- A tag or sticker used to identify or describe an object.
  2. Lapse- A temporary failure or slip.
  3. Large- Of considerable or greater than average size.
  4. Latex- A milky fluid from certain plants used to make rubber.
  5. Layer- A sheet, quantity, or thickness of material lying over or under another.
  6. Leaky- Allowing liquid or gas to escape.
  7. Leant- Past tense of lean, meaning to incline or rest against.
  8. Learn- Acquire knowledge or skill by study or experience.
  9. Lease- A contract by which one party conveys land or property to another for a specified time.
  10. Least- Smallest in size, amount, degree, etc.
  11. Leave- Depart from a place.
  12. Leech- A bloodsucking worm or a person who exploits others.
  13. Lefty- Slang for a left-handed person.
  14. Legal- Pertaining to the law.
  15. Lemur- A nocturnal arboreal primate native to Madagascar.
  16. Lento- Slowly, in music.
  17. Level- Having a flat, even surface.
  18. Lever- A rigid bar resting on a pivot, used to help move a heavy or firmly fixed load.
  19. Libel- A published false statement damaging to a person’s reputation.
  20. Licks- Strikes or touches lightly and quickly.
  21. Lifts- Raises to a higher position or level.
  22. Light- Not heavy; also refers to natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.
  23. Liked- Found agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory.
  24. Limbo- An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution.
  25. Limbs- Arms or legs of a person or four-legged animal.
  26. Limes- Green citrus fruits.
  27. Limit- A point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass.
  28. Lined- Marked or covered with lines.
  29. Liner- A large ship for carrying passengers in comfort.
  30. Links- Connects or joins physically or metaphorically.
  31. Lions- Large wild cats with a mane, native to Africa and India.
  32. Lippy- Impudent or cheeky.
  33. Lists- Series of names, items, etc., written or printed.
  34. Liter- A unit of capacity in the metric system.
  35. Lithe- Bending easily, pliant, flexible.
  36. Liver- A large vital organ in the body; also a type of food.
  37. Livid- Furiously angry; discolored, as from a bruise.
  38. Llama- A domesticated pack animal of the camel family found in the Andes.
  39. Loamy- Consisting of or resembling loam, a fertile type of soil.
  40. Loans- Things lent, especially sums of money expected to be paid back with interest.
  41. Lobby- An entrance hall or other open area in a building used by the public.
  42. Local- Relating to or occurring in a particular area, city, or town.
  43. Locks- Devices used to secure doors, containers, etc., operated by a key or combination.
  44. Lodge- A small house or resort rooms, typically in a rural setting.
  45. Lofty- Of imposing height.
  46. Logic- Reasoning conducted according to strict principles of validity.
  47. Login- A process of gaining access to a computer system.
  48. Loner- A person who prefers not to associate with others.
  49. Longs- Yearns or wishes for something.
  50. Looks- Directs one’s gaze toward someone or something.
  51. Loops- Shapes produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself.
  52. Loose- Not firmly or tightly fixed; free from constraint.
  53. Lopes- Runs or moves with a long bounding stride.
  54. Lords- Aristocrats, nobles, or people of high rank.
  55. Lorry- A large, heavy motor vehicle for transporting goods or troops.
  56. Loser- A person or thing that loses or has lost something.
  57. Lotus- A type of water lily, regarded as a sacred plant in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  58. Loupe- A small magnifying glass used by jewelers.
  59. Louse- A small parasitic insect; often used as a term of insult.
  60. Loves- Holds deep affection for someone or something.
  61. Lowes- To make the sound of cattle; a deep moaning.
  62. Lower- To reduce in height, depth, or intensity.
  63. Lowly- Of low status or importance.
  64. Loyal- Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.
  65. Luaus- Hawaiian parties or feasts featuring traditional foods and entertainment.
  66. Luces- Pike fish; also, plural for the Latin word for “light”.
  67. Lucks- Fortune or chance as determining factors.
  68. Lucid- Expressed clearly; easy to understand.
  69. Lucks- Plural for luck, fortunes or chances.
  70. Lulls- Calms or sends to sleep, typically with soothing sounds or movements.
  71. Lumen- The SI unit of luminous flux, a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source.
  72. Lumpy- Full of or covered with lumps.
  73. Lunar- Of, determined by, or resembling the moon.
  74. Lunch- A midday meal.
  75. Lunge- A sudden forward thrust of the body, typically with an arm or leg.
  76. Lungs- Pair of organs situated within the ribcage, involved in the process of breathing.
  77. Lurch- Make an abrupt, unsteady, uncontrolled movement or series of movements.
  78. Lured- Tempted a person or animal to do something or to go somewhere.
  79. Lurks- Remains hidden so as to wait in ambush.
  80. Lusts- Has a very strong sexual desire.
  81. Lusty- Healthy and strong; full of vigor.
  82. Lutes- Stringed instruments with a body and a neck that are beautifully shaped and used in classical music.
  83. Lying- Not telling the truth.
  84. Lynch- To put to death (especially by hanging) without legal sanction.
  85. Lynxs- Wild cats with yellowish-brown bodies and characteristic tufted ears.

These words provide a varied glimpse into the English language, each packed with its own unique definition and usage.

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