5 Letter Words That Start With LE: Expand Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a list of five-letter words starting with “le” that can enhance your vocabulary and improve your word game skills.

  1. Leach- to cause a liquid to absorb a substance and carry it off
  2. Leads- plural of lead; guiding or directing
  3. Leafs- plural of leaf; flattened structure of a higher plant
  4. Leafy- having many leaves or covered with leaves
  5. Leaks- plural of leak; accidental holes or cracks through which something can escape or enter
  6. Leaky- allowing liquid, gas, etc. to escape through a hole or crack
  7. Leans- forms of lean; to incline or bend from a vertical position
  8. Leant- past and past participle of lean
  9. Leapf- an alternate, less common form of leap; to jump or spring a long way
  10. Leaps- plural of leap; jumps or springs a long way
  11. Leapt- past and past participle of leap
  12. Learn- to gain knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, or being taught
  13. Lease- a contract by which one party conveys land, property, services, etc., to another for a specified time
  14. Leash- a strap or cord for controlling a dog or other animal
  15. Least- smallest in amount, extent, or significance
  16. Leave- to go away from
  17. Leben- a fermented milk drink similar to yogurt, popular in Middle Eastern cuisine
  18. Lecco- an Italian city located in the Lombardy region
  19. Ledge- a narrow horizontal surface projecting from a wall, cliff, or other surface
  20. Ledgy- having many ledges
  21. Leech- a worm that sucks blood; or, by extension, a person who exploits others
  22. Leeks- plural of leek; a plant related to the onion, with flat overlapping leaves
  23. Leery- cautious or wary due to realistic suspicions
  24. Leets- a historical court held in English parishes
  25. Lefts- plural form of left; the opposite of right
  26. Lefty- informal term for someone who is left-handed
  27. Legal- permitted by law; relating to the law
  28. Leges- plural of lex, Latin for laws
  29. Legit- colloquial for legitimate; conforming to the law or to rules
  30. Lehua- a small tree or shrub of the myrtle family, native to Hawaii
  31. Leirs- plural form of leir, an old word for learning
  32. Leman- an archaic term for a lover or sweetheart
  33. Lemon- a yellowish citrus fruit
  34. Lends- plural form of lend; to give something to someone temporarily
  35. Lenes- plural form of lene, a term used in phonetics
  36. Lenis- used in phonetics to describe a consonant that is pronounced with relatively low pressure
  37. Lense- alternate spelling of lens; a piece of glass or other transparent material with curved sides
  38. Lento- a direction in music indicating that the passage is to be played slowly
  39. Leone- the currency of Sierra Leone
  40. Leper- a person suffering from leprosy
  41. Lepid- relating to scale, especially in biology (short form of lepidoptera)
  42. Lepta- plural of lepton, a very small quantity or particle
  43. Lethe- a river in classical mythology whose water caused forgetfulness of the past
  44. Letup- a pause or reduction in the severity of something
  45. Leuds- plural of leud, historical term for people in a feudal society
  46. Level- having a flat, even surface; not sloping
  47. Lever- a rigid bar resting on a pivot, used to help move a heavy or firmly fixed load
  48. Levin- poetic term for lightning
  49. Lexes- plural of lex, Latin for law
  50. Lexis- the total stock of words in a language

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