5 Letter Words That Start With N: Definitions and Examples

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with the letter “N” to enhance your vocabulary and help with word games.

  1. Nabis- Ancient legal code
  2. Nadir- Lowest point
  3. Naggy- Inclined to nag
  4. Naiad- Water nymph
  5. Nails- Fastener made of metal
  6. Naira- Currency of Nigeria
  7. Naive- Lacking experience
  8. Naked- Bare, uncovered
  9. Nalas- Channels or streams
  10. Named- Known by a name
  11. Namer- One who names
  12. Names- Identifying terms
  13. Nanas- Grandmothers, informally
  14. Nancy- A feminine name
  15. Nanny- Childcare provider
  16. Napas- Types of cabbage
  17. Napes- Backs of necks
  18. Nappe- A sheet of rock
  19. Narco- Related to narcotics
  20. Nards- Aromatic plants
  21. Nares- Nostrils
  22. Naric- Pertaining to the nostrils
  23. Naris- A nostril
  24. Narks- Informers
  25. Narre- Not previously known
  26. Nasal- Related to the nose
  27. Nasty- Unpleasant
  28. Natal- Related to birth
  29. Natch- Naturally, of course
  30. Nates- Buttocks
  31. Natty- Smart and fashionable
  32. Naval- Pertaining to navy
  33. Navar- A district in the Basque region
  34. Navel- Belly button
  35. Navvy- Manual laborer
  36. Nawab- A Muslim noble
  37. Nears- Approaches
  38. Neath- Beneath, under
  39. Neats- Tidy, clever
  40. Necks- Connecting body parts
  41. Neddy- Donkey, informally
  42. Needs- Requirements
  43. Needy- In poor need
  44. Neems- Tropical trees
  45. Neeps- Turnips
  46. Neigh- Horse’s cry
  47. Nelly- A name or slang for nervous person
  48. Nemns- They do not exist
  49. Neons- Gaseous elements
  50. Nerds- Intellectually passionate people
  51. Nerts- Expression of frustration or disbelief
  52. Nerdy- Characteristically nerdy
  53. Nerve- Courage or nerve cells
  54. Nests- Structures for holding eggs
  55. Netop- Friend
  56. Netts- Networks or forms of a net
  57. Nevus- A birthmark or mole
  58. Newbs- Novices, beginners
  59. Newel- Central supporting pillar
  60. Newly- Recently
  61. Newsy- Full of news
  62. Nexum- A debt bondage in Ancient Rome
  63. Nicks- Small cuts
  64. Niece- Daughter of a sibling
  65. Nifty- Particularly good
  66. Nighs- Near in space or time
  67. Night- Period of darkness
  68. Nihil- Nothing, zero
  69. Nills- Refuses or denies
  70. Nimbi- Plural of nimbus (clouds)
  71. Nines- The number nine
  72. Ninja- Skilled Japanese assassin
  73. Ninny- A fool
  74. Ninth- Order number after eighth
  75. Nipas- Palms used for thatching
  76. Nippy- Chilly, sharp
  77. Nisei- Second generation Japanese American
  78. Nisus- Effort or impulse
  79. Niter- Potassium nitrate
  80. Nitid- Bright, shining
  81. Niton- Another name for radon
  82. Nitro- Containing nitrogen
  83. Nitty- Full of nits
  84. Nival- Pertaining to snow
  85. Nixed- Canceled, stopped
  86. Nixer- Casual job
  87. Nixon- Famously associated with U.S. President Richard Nixon
  88. Nizam- A high-ranking official in some Muslim countries
  89. Nobby- Stylish, chic
  90. Noble- Distinguished by rank or character
  91. Nodal- Pertaining to nodes
  92. Nodes- Connection points
  93. Noels- Christmas songs or carols
  94. Noise- Sound, especially loud
  95. Noisy- Full of noise
  96. Nolos- Legal term; I do not wish to contest
  97. Nomad- One who moves about
  98. Nomas- No more, enough
  99. Nomoi- Plural of nomos (laws or customs)
  100. Nonce- For the occasion

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