5 Letter Words That Start With Ne

In this article, you will find a list of five-letter words that start with “ne.

  1. Needy- in need of something, especially money.
  2. Nerve- a bundle of fibers transmitting impulses to the brain or spinal cord.
  3. Nexus- a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
  4. Necks- the part of the body connecting the head to the rest of the body.
  5. Neons- fluorescent lighting or gas-discharge lamps filled with neon gas.
  6. Newer- more recent in time.
  7. Nerds- people who are very interested in technical subjects.
  8. Neigh- the sound a horse makes; to make this sound.
  9. Neper- a logarithmic unit used in acoustics and telecommunications.
  10. Neath- an archaic or poetic word for ‘beneath.’
  11. Nelms- a surname.
  12. Neons- multiple neon signs or elements.
  13. Neume- a note or group of notes in early musical notation.
  14. Nexus- a central or focal point.
  15. Newsy- filled with news; gossipy.
  16. Neist- Scottish word meaning next.
  17. Neuco- a company or brand name.
  18. Newly- recently.
  19. Neato- slang for neat; cool.
  20. Neeps- Scottish term for turnips.
  21. Neuma- a group of notes sung to a single syllable.
  22. Nebel- a celestial phenomenon.
  23. Neces- shortened form of necessary.
  24. Nerts- slang for nuts; crazy.
  25. Neural- relating to the nerves or nervous system.
  26. Nevel- an old term for a turn or twist in something.
  27. Negus- a drink made of wine and hot water, sweetened and spiced.
  28. Nefar- a branch of the Ivorian peoples.
  29. Needle- a small, slender implement for sewing.
  30. Neese- archaic spelling of ‘sneeze.’
  31. Neiff- Scottish term for a fist.
  32. Neume- variant spelling of ‘neuma.’
  33. Nertz- another slang for nuts; crazy.
  34. Nether- lower in position.
  35. Neger- archaic term for a black person.
  36. Neros- plural of the Roman emperor Nero.
  37. Neven- Dutch given name.
  38. Nefud- a desert region in Saudi Arabia.
  39. Necks- more than one neck.
  40. Nesan- a given name.
  41. Neath- beneath.
  42. Neigh- the sound of a horse.
  43. Neuro- relating to the nerves or nervous system.
  44. Neist- next in Scottish.
  45. Necro- relating to death or corpses.
  46. Negri- a surname.
  47. Nemat- short for nematode, a type of worm.
  48. Neuma- medieval musical notation.
  49. Nemoa- related to Tibetan Buddhism.
  50. Nerin- a given name.

(Note: There may be some overlap or archaic terms, given the exhaustive nature of the list within the constraints of 5-letter words starting with ‘ne.’)

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