5 Letter Words That Start With R: Find Your Perfect Word

This article lists five-letter words beginning with the letter “R” to enhance your vocabulary and assist with word games.

  1. Rabid- having or expressing a fanatical support or belief
  2. Racer- one who races or competes in a race
  3. Radar- system or equipment used to detect objects at a distance
  4. Radii- plural of radius, a straight line from the center to the circumference of a circle
  5. Radix- the base of a number system
  6. Rally- a mass meeting of people showing support for a cause
  7. Ralph- to vomit or retch
  8. Ramen- a Japanese dish of noodles in broth
  9. Ranch- a large farm, especially used for raising cattle, horses, or sheep
  10. Range- a line or series of mountains or hills
  11. Rapid- very quick or swift
  12. Rarer- comparative of rare; less common
  13. Raspy- harsh, grating sound
  14. Rated- assigned a standard or value
  15. Ratio- the quantitative relation between two amounts
  16. Raven- large, shiny black bird
  17. Rawer- comparative of raw; less cooked or processed
  18. Rayon- a fiber made from regenerated cellulose
  19. Razor- a tool used for cutting hair close to the skin
  20. Reach- to stretch out an arm in a specified direction
  21. React- respond to something in a particular way
  22. Ready- fully prepared
  23. Realm- a kingdom or a field or domain of activity
  24. Rebar- steel bars used to reinforce concrete
  25. Rebel- a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance
  26. Recap- a summary or review of key points
  27. Recap- repeat the main points of (an explanation or information)
  28. Recur- occur again periodically or repeatedly
  29. Redid- past tense of redo, to do again
  30. Reeve- an administrative officer of a town or district
  31. Refit- to repair or make improvements to something
  32. Regal- resembling or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent
  33. Remit- to send money as a payment or as a gift
  34. Remap- to map again or differently
  35. Renew- to resume an activity after interruption
  36. Repay- to make return for
  37. Reply- an answer or response
  38. Resin- a sticky flammable organic substance, insoluble in water
  39. Rests- singular form of resting places
  40. Retro- imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past
  41. Revel- to take great pleasure or delight
  42. Rewed- to wed again
  43. Rhyne- a small stream or ditch
  44. Ricer- a kitchen utensil used for mashing food
  45. Rider- a person who is riding or who rides something
  46. Ridge- a long narrow hilltop, mountain range, or watershed
  47. Rifle- a long-barreled gun designed for precision shooting
  48. Rigor- the quality of being extremely thorough and careful
  49. Rinse- wash with clean water
  50. Ripen- to become or make ripe
  51. Risen- past participle of rise
  52. Risks- exposures to danger or hazards
  53. Rival- a person or thing competing with another
  54. River- a large natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea
  55. Rivet- a short metal pin or bolt for holding together two plates of metal
  56. Robin- a small, often red-breasted, songbird
  57. Robot- a machine capable of carrying out complex tasks automatically
  58. Roche- a rock or rocky reef
  59. Rock- a solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the Earth
  60. Rocky- full of or covered with rocks
  61. Rodeo- an exhibition of cowboy skills
  62. Rogue- a dishonest or unprincipled person
  63. Roman- relating to ancient Rome or its empire
  64. Rondo- a musical form with a recurring leading theme
  65. Roofs- plural of roof
  66. Rooms- plural of room, enclosed spaces within a building
  67. Roost- to rest or sleep, as on a perch
  68. Roots- the parts of a plant that grow downward and hold it in place
  69. Rosin- a resin derived from pines and some other plants
  70. Rouen- a city in northern France
  71. Rough- having an uneven or irregular surface
  72. Round- shaped like a circle or cylinder
  73. Rouse- to wake or provoke
  74. Route- a way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination
  75. Rover- a person who wanders from place to place
  76. Royal- of or relating to a king, queen, or other sovereign
  77. Ruble- a Russian currency unit
  78. Ruby- a precious stone of a pink to blood-red color
  79. Rucks- plural of ruck; a large number or quantity
  80. Ruddy- having a healthy red color
  81. Ruler- a person exercising government or dominion
  82. Rules- plural of rule; prescribed guides for conduct or action
  83. Rumor- a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth
  84. Runes- letters of an ancient Germanic alphabet
  85. Runny- more liquid than usual
  86. Rural- in, relating to, or characteristic of the countryside
  87. Rushy- full of rushes; a type of grasslike plant
  88. Rusty- affected by rust
  89. Ruths- plural of ruth; a feeling of pity, distress, or grief
  90. Rutty- full of ruts
  91. Ruwel- a variation of the name “Raul”
  92. Ryots- Indian or Pakistani tenant farmers or peasants
  93. Razes- destroys completely, often to the ground
  94. Riffs- short repeated phrases in popular music or jazz
  95. Reeks- smells strongly and unpleasantly
  96. Reefs- ridges of rocks or coral near the surface of the sea
  97. Reaps- harvests, as with crops
  98. Rebus- puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters
  99. Racks- frameworks for holding, carrying, or displaying various items
  100. Reifs- rare variants of “reef,” plural form

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