5 Letter Words That Start With RO: Find Your Perfect Word Match

Discover a list of five-letter words starting with “ro” to enhance your vocabulary and boost your word game strategies.

  1. Roach- A type of fish or small cockroach
  2. Roads- Plural of road, pathways for vehicles
  3. Roams- Wanders or travels with no fixed route
  4. Roans- Horses with a mixture of colored and white hairs
  5. Roars- Loud, deep cries made by animals or people
  6. Roast- To cook food using dry heat in an oven or over a fire
  7. Robed- Dressed in a long flowing garment
  8. Robes- Plural of robe, long flowing garments
  9. Robin- A small, insectivorous songbird
  10. Robot- A machine capable of carrying out complex actions
  11. Rocks- Plural of rock, solid mineral material
  12. Rocky- Covered with or consisting of rocks
  13. Rodes- Past tense of ride, typically refers to being carried or transported
  14. Rodes- Sailing term for an anchor line
  15. Rogue- An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person
  16. Roguy- Not standing erect, bent, or bowed
  17. Roils- Makes a liquid turbid or muddy by disturbing the sediment
  18. Roily- Turbid; muddy
  19. Rolls- Moves by turning over and over on an axis
  20. Roman- Relating to Rome or the Roman Empire
  21. Rooks- Large, black birds of the crow family
  22. Rooms- Enclosed spaces within a building
  23. Roost- A place where birds rest or sleep
  24. Roots- The part of a plant which attaches it to the ground
  25. Ropey- Resembling a rope in being long and strong
  26. Roped- Caught, bound, or tied with a rope
  27. Roper- A person or device that uses ropes, often in farming or ranching
  28. Ropes- Plural of rope, strong cords of strands twisted together
  29. Rosed- Having roses
  30. Roses- Plural of rose, a type of flowering shrub
  31. Roset- Kind of ribbon or plaited fabric
  32. Rosin- A resin used by violinists on their bows
  33. Rotor- A rotating part of a mechanical device
  34. Rotas- Plural of rota, a list showing duties or shifts
  35. Rotch- A crotch or groin area
  36. Rouge- A red powder or cream used as a cosmetic for coloring cheeks
  37. Rough- Having an uneven or irregular surface
  38. Round- Shaped like a circle or cylinder
  39. Roved- Wandered or traveled without a fixed destination
  40. Rover- A person who roams or wanders
  41. Roves- Plural of rove, to wander or roam
  42. Rowdy- Noisy and disorderly
  43. Rowed- Propelled a boat with oars
  44. Rowel- A small wheel with pointed projections on a spur
  45. Rowen- A second crop of grass or hay in one season
  46. Rower- A person who rows a boat
  47. Royal- Relating to a king or queen, regal
  48. Rozit- An invented word with no established meaning

This list covers a range of 5-letter words beginning with “ro,” providing brief definitions for clarity.

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