5 Letter Words That Start With RU: Boost Your Word Games Skills

In this article, you’ll discover a variety of five-letter words that start with “ru,” perfect for enriching your vocabulary.

  1. Ruble- A Russian currency unit.
  2. Rugby- A type of team sport.
  3. Rumba- A dance originating in Cuba.
  4. Rupee- Currency used in India and other countries.
  5. Ruddy- Having a healthy red color.
  6. Ruler- A tool used to measure or a person who governs.
  7. Rumor- Information spread without confirmation.
  8. Runes- Ancient alphabetic characters.
  9. Runny- More liquid than usual.
  10. Ruins- What remains after a structure has collapsed.
  11. Ruffs- A collar or frill on a shirt or dress.
  12. Rufus- Typically associated with red-haired individuals.
  13. Rumex- A genus of plants including sorrels and docks.
  14. Rumen- A stomach chamber in cows and related animals.
  15. Rusty- Covered with rust; impaired by disuse.
  16. Rusts- Various fungi causing plant disease.
  17. Rural- Pertaining to the countryside.
  18. Ruche- A gathered strip of fabric used for trimming.
  19. Runic- Relating to or inscribed with runes.
  20. Rules- Established principles or regulations.
  21. Rungs- Steps of a ladder.
  22. Runic- Relating to runes, ancient letters.
  23. Ruses- Cunning plans or actions designed to mislead.
  24. Rufus- Reddish; often used as a descriptor in zoology.
  25. Rubes- Naive, unsophisticated people.
  26. Rubus- A genus of plants including bramble fruits.
  27. Rummy- A card game; also, strange or odd.
  28. Rudds- A freshwater fish of the cyprinid family.
  29. Rukhs- Spirits or demons in Persian mythology.
  30. Rumal- A handkerchief or similar piece of cloth.
  31. Rubai- A form of Persian quatrain poetry.
  32. Rubel- Alternative spelling of ruble.
  33. Rubes- Naive or inexperienced people.
  34. Rubid- Containing the element rubidium.
  35. Rubor- Redness or erythema of the skin.

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