5 Letter Words That Start with S and End with K List

In this article, you will find a list of five-letter words that start with ‘s’ and end with ‘k’.

  1. Shack – A small, simple, and often crudely built house.
  2. Shaik – Alternate spelling of Sheikh, an Arab leader.
  3. Sheik – An Arab leader, particularly of a tribe.
  4. Shock – A sudden, distressing disturbance or impact.
  5. Shack- A small, crude shelter or dwelling.
  6. Sheik- An Arabic tribal leader or ruler.
  7. Shirk – To avoid or neglect a responsibility or duty.
  8. Sleek – Smooth and glossy; stylishly elegant and trim.
  9. Smirk – A smug, conceited, or silly smile.
  10. Snick – A small, quick cut or click.

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