5 Letter Words That Start With S: Complete List and Usage Tips

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with “S” to enhance your vocabulary and assist in word game challenges.

  1. Sable- A small carnivorous mammal, or black fur from this animal.
  2. Saber- A heavy cavalry sword with a curved blade.
  3. Safer- More secure or less endangered.
  4. Sagas- Long stories of heroic achievement.
  5. Sails- Sheets of fabric used to catch the wind on a vessel.
  6. Saint- A person acknowledged as holy or virtuous.
  7. Sales- Exchanges of commodities for money.
  8. Salts- White crystalline substances that enhance flavor.
  9. Sands- Fine particles of crushed rock and mineral.
  10. Sappy- Excessively sentimental.
  11. Sassy- Lively, bold, and full of spirit.
  12. Satay- A dish of seasoned, skewered, and grilled meat.
  13. Savor- To taste or smell with pleasure.
  14. Scald- To burn with hot liquid or steam.
  15. Scale- A device for measuring weight or an ordered range.
  16. Scams- Deceptive schemes or frauds.
  17. Scans- Looks over quickly or systematically.
  18. Scare- To frighten or cause fear.
  19. Scarf- A piece of fabric worn around the neck or head.
  20. Scary- Causing fear.
  21. SCUBA- Acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.
  22. Scene- A place where an incident occurs.
  23. Scent- A distinctive smell.
  24. Schwa- The mid-central vowel sound in English.
  25. Scion- A descendant of a notable family.
  26. Scoff- To mock or speak derisively.
  27. Scold- To reprimand or criticize angrily.
  28. Scone- A small, lightly sweetened biscuit-like cake.
  29. Scoop- A utensil used to pick up substances or information gained exclusively.
  30. Scope- The extent or range of view, coverage, or action.
  31. Score- To gain points in a game or to make a cut or notch.
  32. Scorn- The feeling that someone or something is worthless or despicable.
  33. Scout- To explore or observe to gather information.
  34. Scrap- Discarded metal or small pieces/tablets of food.
  35. Scree- Loose stony debris on a slope.
  36. Screw- A metal fastener with a spiral ridge or a twisting motion.
  37. Scrub- To clean something by rubbing it hard.
  38. Scuba- Gear for underwater diving.
  39. Scuff- To scrape or brush the surface of something.
  40. Scums- Layers of undesirable material that forms on the surface of a liquid.
  41. Seals- Sea mammals with streamlined bodies or devices that close or make something secure.
  42. Seams- Lines along which two pieces of fabric are sewn together.
  43. Sears- Burns or scorches the surface of something with sudden heat.
  44. Seats- Places to sit.
  45. Seeds- The reproductive grains from flowering plants.
  46. Seeks- Attempts to find or obtain.
  47. Seems- Appears or gives the impression.
  48. Seeps- Oozes or passes slowly through small openings.
  49. Seers- Individuals who can see what the future holds.
  50. Segue- To move without interruption from one piece of music, part, or situation to another.
  51. Sells- Exchanges something for money.
  52. Sends- Causes to go or be taken to a particular destination.
  53. Sensa- Plural of sensum, which refers to something sensed.
  54. Sense- To perceive or be aware of.
  55. Sepia- A reddish-brown color.
  56. Serfs- Agricultural laborers bound under the feudal system to work on their lord’s estate.
  57. Serve- To work for, assist, or provide food/drink.
  58. Setup- The arrangement or organization of something.
  59. Seven- The number following six.
  60. Sever- To cut off or divide.
  61. Sewer- A channel that carries off drainage water and waste.
  62. Shady- Filled with shade or somewhat disreputable.
  63. Shake- To move up and down or from side to side with rapid, forceful, jerky movements.
  64. Shale- A soft, finely stratified sedimentary rock.
  65. Shalt- Archaic or Biblical second person singular of shall.
  66. Shame- A painful feeling of humiliation or distress.
  67. Shape- The external form or contour of something.
  68. Share- To use or enjoy something jointly with others.
  69. Shark- A predatory fish with a streamlined body.
  70. Sharp- Having a fine edge suitable for cutting or incisive.
  71. Shave- To remove hair from the face or body.
  72. Shawl- A piece of fabric worn over the shoulders or head.
  73. Shear- To cut the wool off a sheep or to cut through something with a tool.
  74. Sheds- Simple roofed structures used for storage or housing animals.
  75. Sheen- A soft luster on a surface.
  76. Sheep- Domesticated ruminant animals with a fleece of wool.
  77. Sheet- A large piece of cloth used as a bed covering.
  78. Shelf- A flat board which is a part of a piece of furniture used to hold items.
  79. Shell- A hard outer covering of certain animals.
  80. Shift- To move from one place, position, direction, etc., to another.
  81. Shine- To emit light or to be bright.
  82. Ships- Large vessels designed for water transport.
  83. Shock- A sudden upsetting or surprising event or condition.
  84. Shoed- Fitted with a shoe or shoes.
  85. Shoes- Coverings for the feet, usually made of fabric and often having soles of leather or synthetic material.
  86. Shops- Establishments where goods are sold to customers.
  87. Shore- The land along the edge of a sea, lake, or river.
  88. Short- Having little length, lacking in height.
  89. Shots- Acts of firing guns or the projectiles that they discharge.
  90. Shout- To yell or scream.
  91. Shows- Displays or publicly presents.
  92. Shred- To cut or tear into small, thin pieces.
  93. Shrew- A small mole-like mammal known for its shrill voice and aggressive nature.
  94. Shrub- A low woody perennial plant usually having several major branches.
  95. Shrug- To raise and contract (shoulders), expressing indifference, doubt, etc.
  96. Shuns- Deliberately avoids, ignores, or rejects.
  97. Shuts- Closes something or ceases operation.
  98. Sides- Surfaces forming the outside of an object.
  99. Sifts- Separates or removes (something) by passing through a sieve.
  100. Sighs- Emits a long, deep, audible breath expressing sadness, relief, or tiredness.

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