5 Letter Words That Start With Sa – List & Examples

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of five-letter words beginning with “sa.

  1. Sabre- A light, curved sword.
  2. Sacks- Large bags for storing or carrying goods.
  3. Sadly- In an unhappy or sorrowful way.
  4. Sages- Wise persons, often elderly.
  5. Saint- A person recognized for holiness.
  6. Salsa- A spicy tomato-based sauce.
  7. Salty- Tasting of or containing salt.
  8. Sappy- Excessively sentimental.
  9. Satin- A smooth, glossy fabric.
  10. Satur- Short for Saturday.
  11. Saucy- Bold or impudent.
  12. Sauna- A small room used for steam baths.
  13. Saved- Rescued from harm or danger.
  14. Savor- To enjoy the taste or smell.
  15. Savvy- Shrewd and knowledgeable.
  16. Sawed- Cut with a saw.
  17. Sayer- A speaker or one who says.
  18. Safer- More secure or free from danger.
  19. Sated- Fully satisfied or filled.
  20. Satyr- A mythical creature, part man, part goat.
  21. Sales- Transactions of selling goods.
  22. Salmi- A dish of cooked game birds.
  23. Sandh- A type of soil.
  24. Saith- Archaic form of ‘say.’
  25. Salts- Ionic compounds resulting from neutralization.

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