5 Letter Words That Start With Sh – Simple and Fun

Discover a comprehensive list of five-letter words that start with “sh” to expand your vocabulary.

  1. Shape- The external form or appearance of an object.
  2. Shark- A large marine fish known for its sharp teeth.
  3. Share- To have a portion of something with others.
  4. Sharp- Having an edge or point that cuts or pierces easily.
  5. Shaky- Unsteady or trembling.
  6. Shelf- A flat, horizontal surface for storage or display.
  7. Shell- The hard protective outer case of some animals.
  8. Sheep- A domesticated ruminant animal with a woolly coat.
  9. Sheer- Very thin, allowing light to pass through.
  10. Shine- To emit light or glow.
  11. Shirt- A garment for the upper body.
  12. Shock- A sudden disturbance or surprise.
  13. Shady- Sheltered from direct sunlight.
  14. Shell- A hard outer covering of an object, typically an organism.
  15. Shore- The land along the edge of a sea or lake.
  16. Shook- Past tense of shake.
  17. Shout- To speak loudly and vehemently.
  18. Shirk- To avoid or neglect duty or responsibility.
  19. Shred- To cut or tear into thin strips.
  20. Short- Having little length or height.
  21. Shush- To tell someone to be silent.
  22. Shine- To give off light; to be bright.
  23. Shale- Sedimentary rock composed of clay.
  24. Shift- To move or cause to move to a different position.
  25. Shrine- A place regarded as holy due to its associations.
  26. Shrub- A woody plant smaller than a tree.
  27. Shyly- In a reserved or timid manner.
  28. Shrew- A small insectivorous mammal.
  29. Shaft- A long, slender, typically vertical structure.
  30. Shoal- A large number of fish swimming together.
  31. Sheen- A soft glow on a surface.
  32. Sheaf- A bundle of grain stalks laid lengthwise.
  33. Shank- The part of the leg between the knee and the ankle.
  34. Shine- To emit rays of light.
  35. Shade- Comparative darkness caused by something blocking light.
  36. Shift- A slight change in position, direction, or tendency.
  37. Shook- To shake; to upset.

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