5 Letter Words That Start With Sho

If you’re searching for five-letter words that start with “sho,” this article will provide a comprehensive list to help you expand your vocabulary.

  1. Shore- Land along the edge of a sea, lake, or other large body of water.
  2. Short- Having little length, height, or time.
  3. Shone- Past tense of shine; gave out a bright light.
  4. Shorn- Past participle of shear; cut the wool off a sheep.
  5. Shock- A sudden upsetting or surprising event.
  6. Shoot- To fire a projectile from a weapon.
  7. Shook- Past tense of shake; moved back and forth quickly.
  8. Shout- To utter a loud call or cry.
  9. Showy- Having a striking appearance or style, flashy.
  10. Shoal- A large number of fish swimming together or a shallow area in a body of water.
  11. Shove- To push someone or something forcefully.
  12. Shook- (Slang) Emotionally disturbed or upset.
  13. Shops- Plural of shop; places where goods are sold.
  14. Shock- (Electrical) A sudden jolt from an electric current.
  15. Shore- To support something or prevent it from falling.
  16. Shorn- Having been sheared, especially of hair or wool.
  17. Shout- A loud cry expressing strong emotion.
  18. Shoos- Urges or directs someone or something to leave.
  19. Shows- Displays or exhibits something.
  20. Shoed- Fitted with a shoe, as in horse shoed.

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