5 Letter Words That Start With TA: Complete List & Meanings

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with “ta” to enhance your vocabulary and word game strategies.

  1. Tabby- striped cat or fabric
  2. Table- a piece of furniture with a flat top
  3. Tabor- a small drum
  4. Tabun- a toxic nerve agent
  5. Tacet- a musical direction to remain silent
  6. Tache- a small spot or stain
  7. Tacks- short, sharp-pointed nails
  8. Tacky- sticky or gaudy
  9. Tacit- understood without being stated
  10. Tacos- Mexican dish of folded tortilla with filling
  11. Tacts- diplomatic skill or sensitive perception
  12. Taels- units of weight or currency in East Asia
  13. Taffy- chewy candy made from boiled sugar
  14. Taggy- resembling or having tags
  15. Tails- the rear parts of animals or vehicles
  16. Taint- to contaminate or spoil
  17. Tajes- plural of taj, defined as a tall brimless hat, often conical
  18. Talks- speaks or converses
  19. Talls- plural of tall, of great height
  20. Tamed- domesticated, brought under control
  21. Tamer- someone or something that tames
  22. Tames- plural of tame, docile and domesticated
  23. Tamis- a fine sieve or mesh
  24. Tammy- a type of woolen cloth
  25. Tamps- packs down or presses in tightly
  26. Tanga- a type of briefs or loincloth
  27. Tango- a ballroom dance originating in Latin America
  28. Tanka- a form of Japanese poetry or a boat dwelling in South China
  29. Tanks- large containers for holding liquids or gas
  30. Tanna- a title for certain rabbis in ancient Judea
  31. Tansy- a plant with buttonlike yellow flower heads
  32. Taped- fastened or attached with tape
  33. Taper- to diminish or reduce in thickness
  34. Tapes- rolls of adhesive for sticking
  35. Tapir- a large herbivorous mammal with a prehensile snout
  36. Tapis- a tapestry or richly ornamental fabric
  37. Tardy- late or delayed
  38. Tared- weighed to adjust for a container’s weight
  39. Tares- plural of tare, deduction of container’s weight
  40. Tarns- small mountain lakes
  41. Taroc- a variant spelling of tarock, a card game
  42. Tarok- a card game
  43. Tarot- a set of cards used for divination
  44. Tarps- waterproof cloths used as coverings
  45. Tarry- to delay or linger
  46. Tarsi- plural of tarsus, bones in the foot or ankle
  47. Tarts- small open fruit pies or a sharp taste
  48. Tasks- pieces or amounts of work to be done
  49. Tasse- a small cup or goblet
  50. Tasso- an Italian pork product
  51. Taste- the sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth
  52. Tasty- delicious or having a pleasant taste
  53. Tatar- a member of a Turkic people or their language
  54. Tater- colloquial for potato
  55. Tates- plural of Tate, a family name
  56. Tatty- shabby or in poor condition
  57. Taunt- to provoke or challenge in a mocking way
  58. Taupe- a dark gray-brown color
  59. Tauts- tenses or makes tight
  60. Taxed- imposed a charge or burden upon
  61. Taxer- one who taxes or evaluates
  62. Taxes- compulsory contributions to state revenue
  63. Taxis- movement toward or away from a stimulus
  64. Taxon- a group of one or more populations of an organism
  65. Taxor- an assessor or appraiser
  66. Taxus- a genus of yew trees
  67. Tazza- a decorative shallow bowl or plate atop a stem
  68. Teach- to impart knowledge or instruct
  69. Teaks- types of large trees or the wood from them
  70. Teams- groups of people working together
  71. Tears- drops of liquid from the eyes
  72. Tease- to mock or provoke playfully
  73. Techs- technicians or technology professionals
  74. Tecta- plural of tectum, a part of the brain
  75. Tecto- prefix indicating roof or covering
  76. Tedas- plural for teda, a plant used in lighting
  77. Teddy- a soft toy bear or a woman’s undergarment
  78. Tegua- an island in the Torres group of Vanuatu
  79. Telae- plural of tela, a web or woven fabric
  80. Telex- a system of sending typed messages via telephone lines
  81. Tells- narrates or reveals information
  82. Telly- colloquial for television
  83. Telly- colloquial for television
  84. Tempi- plural of tempo, the speed at which music is played
  85. Tempo- speed or pace
  86. Tempt- to entice or attract to do something
  87. Tenet- a principle or belief held as true
  88. Tenia- a type of tapeworm
  89. Tense- nervous or unable to relax
  90. Tenth- ordinal form of the number ten
  91. Tepal- one segment of a perianth
  92. Tepee- a conical tent used by some Native American peoples
  93. Terai- a lowland region in north India and south Nepal
  94. Terra- earth or land
  95. Terry- a fabric with loops that can absorb a large amount of moisture
  96. Tests- examines the quality, performance, or reliability
  97. Teths- plural of teth, a Hebrew letter
  98. Tetra- a small tropical freshwater fish
  99. Teuch- a Scottish word for tough
  100. Texas- a state in the southern U.S.

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