5 Letter Words That Start with Ti – Top List

If you’re searching for five-letter words that start with ‘ti,’ you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Timer- A device that measures time intervals.
  2. Title- The name of a book, composition, or other artistic work.
  3. Tiger- A large wild cat with a striped coat.
  4. Tidal- Related to or affected by tides.
  5. Tinge- A slight coloring or hint of something.
  6. Tired- In need of sleep or rest.
  7. Tipsy- Slightly drunk.
  8. Titer- The concentration of a substance in a solution.
  9. Tithe- A tenth part of something, often a contribution to a church.
  10. Timid- Showing a lack of courage or confidence.
  11. Tical- A unit of money in Thailand, now known as the baht.
  12. Tisch- A table in German.
  13. Tilth- The physical condition of soil in relation to plant growth.
  14. Tinct- To imbue or infuse with some element or property.
  15. Tippy- Likely to tip over easily.
  16. Tines- The prongs on a fork or antler.
  17. Tibia- The shinbone in the human leg.
  18. Tihad- A spell of Tihar or Diwali celebration.
  19. Ticit- Plural of ticitl, a term for doctors in ancient Aztec culture.
  20. Timer- A device that measures or records time intervals.
  21. Tizzy- A state of nervous excitement or agitation.
  22. Timba- A type of Afro-Cuban music.
  23. Tigon- A hybrid of a male tiger and a female lion.
  24. Tikes- Small children or toddlers.
  25. Tikis- Wooden or stone carvings in Polynesian culture.

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