5 Letter Words That Start With U: Find Your Perfect Word

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with the letter U to enhance your vocabulary and word game skills.

  1. Udder- mammary gland of female cattle
  2. Ulcer- a sore on the skin or mucous membrane
  3. Ulcus- another term for ulcer
  4. Ulema- body of Muslim scholars expert in Islamic sacred law
  5. Ulpan- institute for teaching Hebrew to non-native speakers
  6. Ulvas- plural form of ulva, a type of seaweed
  7. Umbel- a type of flower cluster
  8. Umbra- the fully shaded inner region of a shadow
  9. Umrah- a non-mandatory Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca
  10. Unary- involving only one person or element
  11. Unarm- to disarm, take weapons away
  12. Unbar- to unlock or open a barred door
  13. Unbox- to remove from a box
  14. Uncap- to remove a cap or cover
  15. Uncus- a hook-shaped anatomical structure
  16. Uncut- not cut or shaped
  17. Under- beneath or lower in position
  18. Unfed- not fed
  19. Unfit- not of the required quality or standard
  20. Unhip- not fashionable or cool
  21. Unify- to make or become united
  22. Union- the act of joining or being joined
  23. Unite- to join together
  24. Unlay- to untwist ropes
  25. Unlit- not illuminated
  26. Unmet- not achieved or fulfilled
  27. Unpin- to remove pins from
  28. Unrig- to remove the rigging of a ship
  29. Unrip- to repair or restore a tear
  30. Unsaw- to cut something previously sawed
  31. Unsay- to take back words spoken
  32. Unset- to unset a setting
  33. Untie- to undo a tie
  34. Until- up to the time of
  35. Unwed- not married
  36. Unzip- to open a zipper
  37. Upend- set or turn something on its end
  38. Upper- higher in position
  39. Uplit- illuminated from below
  40. Upset- disturbed or unhappy
  41. Urbia- urban area
  42. Ureal- containing urea, a chemical compound
  43. Uredo- rust disease in plants
  44. Ureic- relating to urea or uric acid
  45. Urged- encouraged or prompted strongly
  46. Urger- someone who urges
  47. Urine- liquid waste product of the body
  48. Usage- the way in which a word or device is used
  49. Users- people who use something
  50. Usher- someone who shows people where to go
  51. Usnea- a type of lichen
  52. Usual- normally experienced or expected
  53. Usure- another term for usury, the lending of money with excessive interest
  54. Utero- inside the uterus
  55. Utile- useful, beneficial
  56. Utter- to express by speaking
  57. Uveal- relating to the uvea in the eye
  58. Uveas- plural form of uvea
  59. Uvula- small fleshy extension at the back of the throat
  60. Uzbeg- alternate spelling of Uzbek, relating to Uzbekistan or its people

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