5 Letter Words That Start With W: Easily Find the Words You Need

Discover a variety of five-letter words that start with the letter “W” to enhance your vocabulary and win at word games.

  1. Wacky- silly or foolish
  2. Waded- walked through water
  3. Wagon- a wheeled vehicle for transporting
  4. Waive- to give up a right voluntarily
  5. Walls- solid structures that define and protect an area
  6. Wands- thin sticks used by magicians
  7. Wants- desires or wishes for something
  8. Warms- makes hotter
  9. Warts- small, hard skin growths
  10. Washy- overly diluted; weak
  11. Waste- to use carelessly or without necessity
  12. Watch- to look at or observe attentively
  13. Water- a clear liquid that is vital for all known forms of life
  14. Weary- feeling tired or exhausted
  15. Weave- to form by interlacing threads
  16. Wedge- a piece of wood, metal, etc., used to split things apart or secure them
  17. Weeds- undesirable plants growing wild
  18. Weeks- periods of seven days
  19. Weeps- sheds tears
  20. Weigh- to determine the weight of
  21. Weird- strange or extraordinary
  22. Welts- raised marks on the skin
  23. Whack- a sharp blow
  24. Whale- a very large marine mammal
  25. Wharf- a platform built on the shore or out from the shore
  26. Wheal- a small, itchy swelling on the skin
  27. Wheat- a cereal plant that is a major food source
  28. Wheel- a circular frame that turns on an axle
  29. Whelp- a young offspring of a mammal, such as a dog or wolf
  30. Where- in or at which place
  31. Whiff- a brief or faint smell
  32. While- a period of time
  33. Whims- sudden or odd ideas
  34. Whine- a high-pitched, complaining noise
  35. Whips- tools for driving animals or giving punishment
  36. Whirl- to turn around rapidly
  37. Whisk- to move quickly; a kitchen tool
  38. White- having the color of milk or snow
  39. Whizz- to move rapidly making a humming sound
  40. Whole- all of; entire
  41. Whoop- a loud cry of excitement or joy
  42. Wicks- the strings in candles
  43. Widen- to make or become wider
  44. Wider- more broad in extent
  45. Widow- a woman whose spouse has died
  46. Width- the measurement from side to side
  47. Wilds- areas uninhabited or not cultivated
  48. Wilts- droops or becomes limp
  49. Wimps- weak and cowardly people
  50. Winds- moving air
  51. Winey- having the taste or qualities of wine
  52. Winks- closes and opens one eye quickly as a signal
  53. Wiped- cleaned or dried by rubbing
  54. Wired- equipped with wires
  55. Wispy- thin and light
  56. Witch- a woman thought to have magical powers
  57. Witty- showing or characterized by quick and inventive humor
  58. Woken- aroused from sleep
  59. Wolfs- consumes greedily
  60. Woman- an adult female person
  61. Wombs- the uteruses of female mammals
  62. Woods- areas with a dense growth of trees
  63. Woody- consisting of or resembling wood
  64. Wooed- sought the affection of
  65. Woofs- the barks of a dog
  66. Woozy- feeling unsteady, dizzy, or drowsy
  67. Words- units of language
  68. Worky- relating to work
  69. Worms- elongated, soft-bodied invertebrates
  70. Worry- to feel anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems
  71. Worse- of poorer quality or lower standard
  72. Worst- most bad, severe, or serious
  73. Worth- equivalent in value to the specified amount
  74. Would- past of “will,” used in various contexts
  75. Woven- formed by weaving
  76. Wrack- damage or destruction
  77. Wraps- covers or encloses by folding
  78. Wrapt- completely engrossed or absorbed
  79. Wreak- cause (a large amount of damage or harm)
  80. Wrens- small, brownish songbirds
  81. Wrest- take by force
  82. Wring- squeeze and twist something to force liquid from it
  83. Wrist- the joint connecting the hand and forearm
  84. Write- to form letters or symbols on a surface in order to communicate
  85. Wrong- not correct or truthful
  86. Wrote- past tense of write
  87. Wrung- past and past participle of wring
  88. Wryly- in a way that expresses dry, especially mocking, humor
  89. Wurst- a type of German sausage
  90. Wussy- weak or ineffectual
  91. Woven- formed by interlacing threads
  92. Wraps- covers or surrounds something
  93. Woken- awakened from sleep
  94. Wands- rods used as emblems of power or magic
  95. Wager- risk something on the outcome of a contest or uncertain event
  96. Waxen- having a smooth, pale, translucent surface
  97. Waxes- increases in size, number, or intensity
  98. Waned- decreased in size, extent, or degree
  99. Wanly- pale and giving the impression of illness or exhaustion
  100. Weald- a wooded area or forest

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