5 Letter Words with Ei: A Quick Reference

In this article, you’ll find a list of five-letter words containing “ei” to help improve your vocabulary.

  1. Reign- to rule as a king or queen.
  2. Deign- to do something that one considers beneath one’s dignity.
  3. Being- the state of existing.
  4. Heist- a robbery or burglary.
  5. Veins- blood vessels that carry blood to the heart.
  6. Rein- a strap for controlling a horse.
  7. Refill- to fill again.
  8. Eight- the number after seven.
  9. Weigh- to measure the heaviness of an object.
  10. Feint- a deceptive or pretended blow or movement.
  11. Weirs- barriers across rivers to control flow.
  12. Reins- straps to control a horse.
  13. Veils- pieces of cloth worn over the face.
  14. Heirs- people legally entitled to inherit.
  15. Reify- to make something abstract more concrete.
  16. Seize- to take hold of something quickly.
  17. Their- belonging to them.
  18. Heine- Heinrich Heine, a German poet.
  19. Reive- to rob or plunder.
  20. Seine- a type of fishing net.
  21. Sieve- a utensil for straining or sifting.
  22. Beige- a light brown color.
  23. Weird- strange or unusual.
  24. Deity- a god or goddess.
  25. Heist- a robbery.
  26. Noise- unwanted sound.
  27. Being- a living entity.
  28. Veiny- full of veins.
  29. Feign- to pretend or fake.
  30. Refit- to provide with new equipment.
  31. Weirs- dams in rivers.
  32. Seige- (archaic) another spelling of “siege”.
  33. Veiny- relating to having many veins.
  34. Reism- a philosophical doctrine.

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