6 Letter Words Starting with S: List & Tips

Looking for six-letter words that start with the letter “S”? We’ve got a comprehensive list to help you out!

  1. Sacred- Connected with God or dedicated to a religious purpose.
  2. Salmon- A type of fish known for its pink flesh.
  3. Socket- A device that receives an electric plug.
  4. Simple- Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.
  5. Strike- To hit forcibly and deliberately.
  6. Sample- A small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like.
  7. Senior- Higher in rank or length of service.
  8. Sneeze- To emit air from the nose and mouth involuntarily.
  9. Sermon- A talk on a religious or moral subject.
  10. Secure- Fixed or fastened so as not to give way.
  11. Slogan- A short, memorable phrase used in advertising.
  12. Sturdy- Strongly and solidly built.
  13. Stroll- Walk in a leisurely way.
  14. Shrink- Become or make smaller in size.
  15. Scream- Give a long, loud, piercing cry.
  16. Seller- A person who sells something.
  17. Statue- A carved or cast figure of a person or animal.
  18. Saddle- A seat for a rider on a horse.
  19. Seamly- Outwardly or conventionally proper.
  20. Scribe- A person who copies out documents.
  21. Screen- A flat panel for displaying images.
  22. Silent- Not making or accompanied by any sound.
  23. Scrape- A sound or vibration resulting from friction between objects.
  24. Slogan- A short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising.
  25. Stamen- The pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower.
  26. Subtle- Delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze.
  27. Summit- The highest point of a hill or mountain.
  28. Symbol- A mark or character used as a conventional representation of a thing.
  29. Submit- Accept or yield to a superior force.
  30. Spiral- Winding in a continuous curve around a central point.
  31. Snatch- To quickly seize something in a rude or eager way.
  32. Secure- Safe from harm; protected.
  33. Sneaky- Behaving in a secret and usually dishonest manner.
  34. Spouse- A husband or wife.
  35. Swivel- To turn around a point or axis.
  36. Shield- A broad piece of armor or protection.
  37. Sallow- A yellowish, unhealthy-looking color.
  38. Smelly- Having a strong or unpleasant odor.
  39. Sample- A small quantity showing what the rest is like.
  40. Severe- Very great; intense.
  41. Snappy- Apt to speak or act quickly and sharply.
  42. Street- A public road in a city or town.
  43. Scheme- A large-scale plan or arrangement.
  44. Soften- Make or become less severe.
  45. Scorch- Burn the surface of something with flame or heat.
  46. Sketch- A rough or unfinished drawing.
  47. Strong- Having power and strength.
  48. Spruce- A type of tree or neat in appearance.
  49. Stirup- Incorrect spelling; correct form is “stirrup,” a loop or ring hung from a saddle.
  50. Stifle- Make someone unable to breathe properly.
  51. Shabby- In poor condition due to wear or neglect.
  52. Shiver- Shake slightly and uncontrollably.
  53. Stance- The way in which someone stands.
  54. Socket- An opening that something fits into.
  55. Strain- Force tending to pull or stretch something.
  56. Slinky- Graceful or sinuous in movement.
  57. Summit- The highest level or degree.
  58. Season- One of the four periods of the year.
  59. Scarce- Insufficient for the demand.
  60. Swoosh- A sound produced by a rush of air.
  61. Sensor- A device that detects physical properties.
  62. Stench- A strong and very unpleasant smell.
  63. Saving- The act of keeping something from being wasted.
  64. Saucer- A shallow dish to hold a cup.
  65. Sleazy- Lacking respectability.
  66. Squash- Crush or squeeze something with force.
  67. Snobby- Characteristic of a person who looks down on others.
  68. Sorbet- A frozen dessert made from sweetened water and fruit juice.
  69. Sneaky- Behaving in a secretive manner.
  70. Scuzzy- Dirty or grubby.
  71. Socket- A hollow part or hole.
  72. Sample- A small part intended to show the quality.
  73. Shroud- A length of cloth in which a dead person is wrapped.
  74. Sprout- Begin to grow.
  75. Scalar- Relating to a quantity defined only by magnitude.
  76. Solace- Comfort in a time of distress.
  77. Seldom- Not often; rarely.
  78. Softly- In a quiet and gentle manner.
  79. Statin- A drug used to lower cholesterol levels.
  80. Suburb- An outlying district of a city.
  81. Socket- An electric outlet.
  82. Scarce- Not enough resources.
  83. Slogan- A catchy phrase.
  84. Sexism- Prejudice based on sex or gender.
  85. Swoosh- A brushing or rustling sound.
  86. Shoddy- Badly made or done.
  87. Simile- A figure of speech comparing one thing with another.
  88. Summer- The warmest season of the year.
  89. Stance- An attitude or position.
  90. System- A set of connected things or parts.
  91. Spiral- Winding in a continuous curve.
  92. Scholar- An academic, especially one who is highly educated.
  93. Socket- A receptacle for a plug.
  94. Sluice- A passage for water with a gate or valve.
  95. Spinal- Relating to the spine.
  96. Stitch- A loop of thread resulting from a single pass of a needle.
  97. Silken- Smooth, soft, and lustrous.
  98. Shiver- Tremble or shake.
  99. Steady- Firmly fixed, supported, or balanced.
  100. Sunday- The day of the week before Monday and following Saturday.

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