Adjectives That Start With X: Complete List

Looking for interesting adjectives that start with “X”?Here are some unique examples:– Xenial – Xanthous – Xenophobic – Xerophytic – Xenogeneic – Xyloid – Xerarch – Xeric

  1. Xenial- Hospitable, especially to strangers or guests.
  2. Xenogeneic- Derived from a different species.
  3. Xerarch- Growing in dry conditions.
  4. Xeric- Adapted to a dry environment.
  5. Xerothermic- Characterized by dry and hot conditions.
  6. XYlogenous- Derived or transmitted by wood.
  7. Xyloid- Resembling wood.
  8. Xanthous- Yellowish or yellow.
  9. Xuěhuā- Snowy, covered with snow (from Chinese “snow flower”).

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