Agriculture Words That Start With K: Essential Terms

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of agriculture-related words that start with the letter “K” to enhance your vocabulary in the field.

  1. Kernel- The softer, usually edible part of a seed, nut, or fruit stone contained within its hard shell.
  2. Knapweed- A plant of the knapweed genus, noted for being invasive in certain areas.
  3. Knotgrass- A common fast-growing weed found in fields and disturbed soils.
  4. Kale- A hardy cabbage cultivar with coarse and curly leaves that is often used as a leafy green vegetable.
  5. Khorasan- An ancient wheat variety known for its high protein content and large kernels.
  6. Kikuyu- A perennial grass variety commonly used for grazing livestock and erosion control.
  7. Kudzu- A highly invasive vine used for forage and erosion control.
  8. Killdeer- A type of plover bird often seen in agricultural settings, known for its distinct call.
  9. Kubieniak- A type of heavy plow used in certain traditional farming practices.
  10. Kinnow- A type of citrus fruit common in some agricultural practices.
  11. Kanban- A scheduling system for lean and just-in-time manufacturing, important in the context of agricultural supply chains.
  12. Kraal- A traditional African enclosure for livestock.
  13. Kestrel- A small falcon that may be found in agricultural areas, helpful as a natural pest controller.
  14. Kaffir lime- A citrus fruit with a distinctive flavor, widely used in cooking and traditional medicine.
  15. Kalamansi- A small, round citrus fruit common in Southeast Asian agriculture and cuisine.
  16. Knapper- A device used for breaking up soil clods.
  17. Kaffir corn- A variety of sorghum used in grain and forage production.
  18. Khaki Campbell- A breed of domesticated duck known for its efficient egg production.
  19. Knotty pine- A type of timber from pine trees characterized by visible knots, sometimes used in agriculture-related construction.
  20. Kari- A traditional agricultural tool used in some regions for planting or harvesting crops.
  21. Keystone- Essential species or elements in an agricultural ecosystem.
  22. Knapbag- A portable carrying bag typically used by farmers.
  23. Kerf- The cut or incision made by a saw or cutting tool in farming.
  24. Kurakkan- A type of millet grown in some regions.
  25. Kauri gum- A resin from the kauri tree, sometimes used in agriculture as an adhesive or for other purposes.
  26. Kidderminster- A type of woven fabric that has agricultural uses in places.
  27. Knepp- A traditional farming term for grazing land.
  28. Kaolin- A type of clay used in certain agricultural sprays to protect crops.
  29. Knout- A traditional farming tool similar to a whip, sometimes used for herding.
  30. Kyloe- A breed of cattle traditionally raised in the Scottish Highlands.
  31. Kern- The core or essential part of something, often referring to grains or seeds.
  32. Kelliher- A specific type of plowshare or cutting blade.
  33. Kaffir lily- A flowering plant often seen in regions where agriculture thrives.
  34. Kipskin- Leather from the skin of a young animal, sometimes used in agriculture.
  35. Khaummer- An agricultural term referring to the hard outer shell of grains.
  36. Karakul- A breed of domestic sheep known for its wool, often used in farming.
  37. Kithul- A palm tree species valued for its sap, used in agriculture for producing jaggery and other products.
  38. Kowtow- A traditional practice that involves deep respect, sometimes seen in agricultural societies.
  39. Knobcone- A type of pine cone used in certain agricultural practices.
  40. Kutcha- Refers to temporary or makeshift agricultural structures.
  41. Kraut- Fermented cabbage, often produced as part of traditional farming.
  42. Kikinda- A traditional type of bench used in agriculture for sitting or working.
  43. Kennard- A hand tool for cutting or pruning plants.
  44. Kinning- The process of making agricultural land more fertile or productive.
  45. Koshihikari- A variety of rice widely grown in Japan.
  46. Kombu- Edible seaweed often farmed in marine agriculture.
  47. Kye- Traditional Scottish term for cattle.
  48. Kippings- Refers to small branches or twigs, sometimes used in agricultural mulching.
  49. Kilm- Refers to a structure used for drying or processing crops.
  50. Krill- Small marine crustaceans important in certain aquatic farming systems.
  51. Kittiwake- A seabird sometimes seen near coastal agricultural areas.

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