Aud Words: Common Examples and Usage

Discover a comprehensive list of words containing “aud” and learn their meanings to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Audacious- bold, daring, or fearless.
  2. Audible- hearable, detectable by the ear.
  3. Audience- group of listeners or spectators.
  4. Audiology- study of hearing disorders.
  5. Auditory- relating to hearing or the sense of hearing.
  6. Audition- performance to showcase skill, usually for a role.
  7. Auditorium- large room for public gatherings or performances.
  8. Audiobook- recorded reading of a book.
  9. Audio- sound, especially recorded or transmitted.
  10. Audiovisual- involving both hearing and sight.
  11. Auditory nerve- nerve that transmits sound signals to the brain.
  12. Auditionee- a person who auditions for a role.
  13. Audile- relating to hearing.
  14. Audiotape- magnetic tape for recording sound.
  15. Audibility- quality of being heard.
  16. Audibly- in a way that can be heard.
  17. Audiophile- person enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction.
  18. Auditory cortex- part of the brain that processes sound.
  19. Audion- early vacuum tube for amplifying sound.
  20. Audivision- combining audio and visual elements.

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