Can Words: Understanding and Using Modal Verbs

Discover how “can words” can empower your communication skills and enhance your interactions with others.

  1. Can: To be able to.
  2. Canned: Preserved in a can.
  3. Canon: A rule or law.
  4. Cantankerous: Bad-tempered.
  5. Canny: Shrewd and careful.
  6. Cant: Hypocritical talk.
  7. Canticle: Religious song or chant.
  8. Candor: Openness and honesty.
  9. Canopy: Covering that provides shade.
  10. Cane: A plant with a hollow stem.
  11. Canyon: A deep valley with steep sides.
  12. Canard: A false rumor.
  13. Cancun: A city in Mexico.
  14. Canton: A division of a country.
  15. Canvas: A heavy woven fabric.
  16. Candela: Unit of luminous intensity.
  17. Candler: Seller of candles.
  18. Cantina: A bar or cafe.
  19. Canal: An artificial waterway.
  20. Canine: Related to dogs.
  21. Candy: Sweet treat.
  22. Canteen: A small container for liquids.
  23. Cantle: Back part of a saddle.
  24. Canasta: A card game.
  25. Canson: A brand of art paper.
  26. Cantor: Leader of singing in a church.
  27. Canary: A small songbird.
  28. Candle: Wax with a wick for burning.
  29. Cannery: Factory for canning food.
  30. Cantata: A vocal composition.
  31. Canister: A container for storage.
  32. Cancel: To call off or revoke.
  33. Canter: A gait of a horse.
  34. Cannon: A large gun.
  35. Canvass: Solicit votes or opinions.
  36. Canoodle: To embrace and kiss.
  37. Canopic: Related to ancient Egyptian jars.
  38. Cancan: A high-kicking dance.
  39. Canceller: One who cancels.
  40. Canula: A thin tube.
  41. Cantile: Corner bracket.
  42. Canny: Smart and careful.
  43. Cannibal: One who eats human flesh.
  44. Canonize: To declare a saint.
  45. Canted: Having an oblique angle.
  46. Cannelloni: Pasta tubes.
  47. Canzone: A lyrical Italian poem.
  48. Canuck: A slang term for Canadian.
  49. Cando: Enthusiastic.
  50. Caneware: Pottery with a light brown color.
  51. Canthus: Corner of the eye.
  52. Cantab: Relating to Cambridge University.
  53. Cantilever: A projecting beam.
  54. Canikin: Small can.
  55. Cantaloupe: A type of melon.
  56. Cantorial: Relating to a cantor.
  57. Canorous: Melodious.
  58. Canfield: A solitaire card game.
  59. Cannery: Processing plant for canning.
  60. Canasta: Card game.
  61. Candlestick: Holder for a candle.
  62. Cantref: Medieval Welsh land division.
  63. Candler: Candle maker or seller.
  64. Cantation: Singing or chanting.
  65. Cannulate: To insert a tube into.
  66. Cantabile: In a singing manner.
  67. Cancun: Resort city in Mexico.
  68. Cantonal: Relating to a canton.
  69. Canting: Hypocritical, insincere.
  70. Canity: Aging.
  71. Canalize: To form into a channel.
  72. Cancan: Lively dance.
  73. Can(opist): On guard.
  74. Cantling: Thin slice.
  75. Canapes: Small appetizers.
  76. Canonical: Authorized or accepted.
  77. Cangue: Instrument of punishment.
  78. Cankered: Corrupted.
  79. Canorous: Pleasant-sounding.
  80. Canephore: Bearer of baskets.
  81. Canacina: Drug derived from an evergreen.
  82. Cannellini: White kidney beans.
  83. Canellated: Grooved or fluted.
  84. Canescence: Turning white.
  85. Candidacy: State of running for office.
  86. Cantation: Musical intonation.
  87. Canorage: Place for sugarcane.
  88. Canorous: Harmonious.
  89. Cantation: Act of singing.
  90. Cantiyuran: Field for cane crops.
  91. Cannulate: Insert a cannula.
  92. Cantorate: Role of a cantor.
  93. Canaster: A broad flat basket.
  94. Canthocular: Perforation in teats.
  95. Canicular: Related to dogs.
  96. Canopied: Covered with a canopy.
  97. Cantarelle: Small raise in salary.
  98. Cancione: A Spanish song.
  99. Cancuna: Capital punishment.
  100. Canvassion: Act of soliciting.