Christmas Things That Start with B: A Complete List

In this list, you’ll discover all sorts of Christmas-themed items that start with the letter B.

  1. Bauble- Decorative ornament for the Christmas tree.
  2. Bells- Musical instruments or decorations that jingle.
  3. Bethlehem- The birthplace of Jesus Christ.
  4. Blitzen- One of Santa’s reindeer.
  5. Bows- Decorative ribbons used for wrapping gifts.
  6. Box- A container for storing or presenting Christmas gifts.
  7. Bellringer- A person who rings bells, especially during Christmas services.
  8. Balsam- A type of Christmas tree often used for its pleasant scent.
  9. Berry- Small, round fruit often found in Christmas decorations (e.g., holly berries).
  10. Bright- Emitting a lot of light; often describing Christmas lights.
  11. Bethlehem Star- The star that led the wise men to Jesus.
  12. Bounty- Abundance, often referring to the holiday feast.
  13. Blizzard- Severe snowstorm, often associated with a white Christmas.
  14. Blizzard Lights- Outdoor decorations that mimic snowfall.
  15. Brownies- Small, chocolatey treats often made for Christmas.
  16. Baking- The act of making festive Christmas treats.
  17. Branches- Parts of the Christmas tree that hold ornaments.
  18. Bliss- Perfect happiness, often felt during the holiday season.
  19. Blessed- To be favored, often used in Christmas greetings.
  20. Brandy- Alcoholic drink sometimes used in Christmas recipes.
  21. Bonfire- A large, festive fire often used for outdoor gatherings.
  22. Brisk- Chilly and invigorating, often describing the winter air.
  23. Burgundy- Rich, dark red color often used in festive decor.
  24. Bundled- Dressed warmly in winter clothing for Christmas.
  25. Bell End- Decorative end of a bell often used in holiday decor.
  26. Bing Crosby- Iconic singer of classic Christmas songs.
  27. Blanket- Used to stay warm, often given as a cozy Christmas gift.
  28. Beanie- A warm hat, often worn in winter.
  29. Box of Chocolates- A sweet gift often given during Christmas.
  30. Bedtime Stories- Tales read to children on Christmas Eve.
  31. Blush- A reddish color, often used in festive makeup.
  32. Banner- Decorative sign, often saying “Merry Christmas.”
  33. Beverage- Drinks, especially festive ones like eggnog.
  34. Brass- Metal often used in making Christmas ornaments and instruments.
  35. Bethlehem Candle- The fourth candle lit on the Advent wreath.
  36. Buttons- Tiny, decorative items on Christmas crafts and garments.
  37. Black Forest Cake- A rich, chocolatey cake often served during the holidays.
  38. Butter- Main ingredient in many Christmas cookies and treats.
  39. Bock- A strong beer, sometimes enjoyed during Christmas.
  40. Bay Leaves- Aromatic leaves used in Christmas cooking.
  41. Book- Often a thoughtful Christmas gift.
  42. Brocade- Rich fabric used in Christmas decor.
  43. Beret- Stylish hat often worn in winter.
  44. Bridge- A game often played during family gatherings.
  45. Brooks- Small streams that might freeze in winter.
  46. Biscuits- Another term for cookies, often made at Christmas.
  47. Boughs- Tree branches often used in Christmas wreaths.
  48. Baking Powder- Essential ingredient in many holiday recipes.
  49. Brown Sugar- Sweetener used in Christmas baking.
  50. Bagpipes- Often part of festive parades and music.
  51. Baskets- Used for holding Christmas goodies or gifts.
  52. Bowls- Used for serving holiday meals.
  53. Boysenberry- A type of berry sometimes used in Christmas dishes.
  54. Blue Spruce- A popular type of Christmas tree.
  55. Bunting- Festive garlands often used in Christmas decorations.
  56. Blintzes- Thin pancakes often filled and served during holiday meals.
  57. Brazier- A container that holds a fire for outdoor gatherings.
  58. Breath of Heaven- A term for the feeling of the holiday spirit.
  59. Boon- A gift or blessing, often used in Christmas contexts.
  60. Buttercream- A frosting often used in holiday baking.
  61. Brandy Snaps- Crispy cookies flavored with brandy, popular in Christmas.
  62. Black Tie- Formal wear often seen at Christmas parties.
  63. Brooch- Decorative pins, sometimes worn during festive occasions.
  64. Bowties- Formal neckwear often used during Christmas events.
  65. Budget- Financial plan for holiday spending.
  66. Bisque- A creamy soup sometimes served at holiday dinners.
  67. Bread- Often baked fresh for Christmas feasts.
  68. Bulbs- Light decorations for the Christmas tree.
  69. Borax- Sometimes used in crafting homemade Christmas ornaments.
  70. Bellhop- Staff at hotels busy during holiday travel.
  71. Baritone- Male voice often heard in Christmas choirs.
  72. Borscht- A beet soup sometimes part of Christmas meals.
  73. Buckwheat- Grain sometimes used in holiday cooking.
  74. Bell Tower- Part of a church that often chimes during Christmas.
  75. Brunch- A mid-morning meal often shared during holiday gatherings.
  76. Blintz Souffle- A baked holiday breakfast dish.
  77. Barmbrack- Traditional holiday fruit bread.
  78. Bloom- Flowers sometimes used in Christmas decor.
  79. Blessing- A wish of happiness during Christmas.
  80. Bedeck- To decorate festively for Christmas.
  81. Boxed Set- A collection of items, often music or movies, given as gifts.
  82. Bulk- Large quantities, often referring to Christmas shopping.
  83. Bread Pudding- A festive dessert often served during the holidays.
  84. Blush Wine- A light, pink wine sometimes enjoyed during Christmas.
  85. Béarnaise- Rich sauce sometimes made for Christmas meals.
  86. Brandy Butter- A sweet, buttery spread served with Christmas desserts.
  87. Breeze- Cool winter air experienced during the season.
  88. Branch Wreath- A circular decoration made from tree branches.
  89. Bronze- A metal or color often seen in Christmas decor.
  90. Burst- An explosion of festivities or joy during the holiday season.
  91. Bonbon- A small candy often enjoyed during Christmas.
  92. Bundt Cake- A ring-shaped cake sometimes enjoyed in holiday festivities.
  93. Blush Pink- A soft color sometimes used in holiday decor.
  94. Burgundy Velvet- A fabric and color often seen in festive clothing.
  95. Blinking Lights- Festive lights that twinkle on and off.
  96. Beer- Sometimes enjoyed during Christmas festivities.
  97. Beef- Often cooked in roasts for Christmas dinner.
  98. Bavarian Cream- A dessert sometimes served during the holidays.
  99. Bisque Doll- A porcelain doll that might be given as a Christmas gift.

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