Christmas Words Starting with T for Holiday Fun

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of Christmas words that start with the letter T to make your holiday season even merrier.

  1. Tinsel- Sparkling, decorative material often used to adorn Christmas trees.
  2. Tree- A decorated evergreen tree associated with Christmas celebrations.
  3. Tradition- Customs or beliefs passed down through generations, especially during Christmas.
  4. Toboggan- A long, narrow sled used for sliding down snow-covered hills; often associated with winter activities during Christmas season.
  5. Tidings- News or information, often joyful, particularly associated with Christmas.
  6. Trimmings- Decorative items used to adorn a Christmas tree or household.
  7. Turkey- A large bird often served as the main dish at Christmas dinner.
  8. Twinkle- To shine with a flickering or sparkling light, often describing Christmas lights.
  9. Toys- Playthings given as gifts, particularly to children, at Christmas.
  10. Twelve Days of Christmas- A festive Christian season beginning on Christmas Day and lasting twelve days.
  11. Treats- Sweet food items enjoyed during the holiday season.
  12. Three Kings- The Magi or wise men who visited Jesus after his birth, celebrated on Epiphany.
  13. Truce- A temporary cessation of conflict, such as the Christmas Truce of World War I.
  14. Train- A toy train set that is often a classic Christmas gift or decoration.
  15. Thyme- An herb sometimes used in Christmas cooking, particularly in stuffing.
  16. Tartan- A patterned cloth often used in Christmas decorations and clothing.
  17. Timeless- Having an enduring, classic quality, much like many Christmas traditions.
  18. Tasteful- Attractive and appropriate decorations that embody the Christmas spirit.
  19. The Nutcracker- A famous Christmas ballet and also a decorative figurine.
  20. Treasure- Gifts and trinkets often exchanged or enjoyed during Christmas.
  21. Toast- A celebratory gesture often done during Christmas dinners and parties.
  22. Tunes- Traditional Christmas songs or carols.
  23. Textiles- Fabrics used in creating Christmas decorations like stockings.
  24. Taper- A slender candle often used in Christmas decorations.
  25. Traditionary- Relating to tradition, particularly Christmas customs.
  26. Twelfth Night- The eve of Epiphany, marking the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
  27. Team- Family or group effort put into Christmas celebrations.
  28. Thaw- The melting of snow and ice, a hopeful sign during the Christmas season.
  29. Tranquil- Peaceful and serene, often describing a Christmas scene.
  30. Time- honored – Respected practices and traditions passed down through generations, especially during Christmas.
  31. Tithing- Offering a portion of one’s resources, often done philanthropically at Christmas.
  32. Tart- A type of pastry often enjoyed during the Christmas season.
  33. Temp- Short for temperature; it is often cold during Christmas.
  34. Trivia- Fun facts and games related to Christmas knowledge.
  35. Togetherness- The state of being close and spending time together, especially important during Christmas.
  36. Threshold- The entryway to a home often decorated with Christmas ornaments.
  37. Tasting- The experience of trying various Christmas foods and treats.
  38. Textile- Woven or knit fabrics used in Christmas crafts.
  39. Troll- Mythical creatures featured in some cultures’ Christmas folklore.
  40. Testament- Evidence or proof, often reflecting on faith during Christmas.
  41. Tin- Often used in crafting Christmas ornaments.
  42. Token- A small gift or keepsake given during Christmas.
  43. Trumpet- A brass instrument often played in Christmas music.
  44. Theater- Where Christmas plays, such as “A Christmas Carol,” might be performed.
  45. Twin- Sometimes refers to matching Christmas outfits or gifts.
  46. Tangerine- A citrus fruit often found in Christmas stockings.
  47. Tithe- A tradition in some religious practices, giving a portion during Christmas.
  48. Testimony- Personal stories of Christmas miracles or spiritual reflections.
  49. Toasty- Warm and cozy, a feeling often sought during Christmas.
  50. Tealight- Small candles often used in Christmas decorations.
  51. Topper- A decorative piece placed at the top of a Christmas tree.
  52. Trim- To decorate or embellish, especially in preparation for Christmas.
  53. Trove- A collection of valuable or delightful items, much like Christmas presents.
  54. Tunes- Music specifically the carols sung at Christmas.
  55. Tidbit- A small piece of tasty food, often served at Christmas gatherings.
  56. Table- The centerpiece for many Christmas feasts.
  57. Town- The communal sense of festivities in a decorated, Christmas-town atmosphere.
  58. Twirl- The graceful dance movements often performed at Christmas parties.
  59. Troll- Mythological creatures sometimes included in Christmas folklore, especially in Nordic tales.
  60. Tale- Stories often read or told during Christmas.
  61. Traditionary- Relating to or characteristic of traditions during Christmas.
  62. Truce- A pause in hostilities, historical examples include the Christmas Truce of 1914.
  63. Troupe- Group of performers putting on Christmas shows or plays.
  64. Twig- Small branches used in Christmas decor.
  65. Tribute- Offering or gift given, often during the Christmas season.
  66. Tempting- Describing delicious Christmas treats.
  67. Tea- A hot beverage often enjoyed during cold Christmas months.
  68. Themed- Decorations or gifts centered around a particular Christmas motif.
  69. Twinkly- Describing the quality of Christmas lights.
  70. Trophy- An award given, often during Christmas games or events.
  71. Trolley- A cart traditionally used in Christmas shopping or decorations.
  72. Truck- Popular toy or gift during Christmas.
  73. Trained- Skilled entertainers performing at Christmas shows.
  74. Terracotta- Often used in creating Christmas figurines or decorations.
  75. Twosome- A pair, often referring to couples during the romantic holiday season.
  76. Textile- Fabrics prominently featuring in Christmas decoration items like tablecloths.
  77. Thespian- An actor, particularly in Christmas plays.
  78. Tangerine- Frequently found in Christmas stockings.
  79. Thawing- Melting; often a hoped-for effect when discussing ice or frost around Christmas.
  80. Thrill- The excitement felt during Christmas festivities.
  81. Thriving- The positive growth and flourishing of spirit during Christmas.
  82. Tangible- Actual, physical gifts exchanged at Christmas.
  83. Triumph- A feeling of joy and success prevalent during Christmas.
  84. Twinkling- Shining with light like Christmas stars or decorations.
  85. Torrent- Sometimes describing the heavy snowfall during Christmas time.
  86. Threshold- The decorated entrance welcoming guests during Christmas.
  87. Tower- Often seen in large Christmas displays or events.
  88. Toadstool- A whimsical decoration sometimes found in Christmas displays.
  89. Trestle- A type of support often used in setting up large Christmas displays.
  90. Turf- An area of grass, sometimes adorned with Christmas decorations.
  91. Tumult- Excitement and activity might describe a bustling Christmas day.
  92. Twitter- The cheerful sound of birds, often associated with serene Christmas mornings.
  93. Tulip- A flower sometimes used in Christmas decorations.
  94. Topiary- Decorative bushes shaped into festive forms for Christmas.
  95. Tundra- A type of landscape that can be reminiscent of a snowy Christmas scene.
  96. Trapeze- An act seen in Christmas circus shows.
  97. Trestle- A structure that can be part of Christmas markets and fairs.
  98. Test- Games or quizzes related to Christmas trivia.
  99. Toga- Used in themed Christmas costume parties.
  100. Tundra- Snowy landscape reminding of Christmas regions.

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