Christmas Words That Start With A: Festive Vocabulary

Looking for Christmas words that start with “A”? Here’s a festive list to brighten your holiday season!

  1. Advent- The period leading up to Christmas.
  2. Angel- A spiritual being often represented in human form with wings.
  3. Anticipation- Excitement or hopeful preparation for an event.
  4. Announcement- A formal public statement.
  5. Abundance- A large amount or quantity.
  6. Assemble- To gather together.
  7. Amaze- To fill with wonder.
  8. Appreciation- A recognition of the quality or value of someone or something.
  9. Adore- To love deeply and respect highly.
  10. Amity- Friendship or peaceful harmony.
  11. Allure- The quality of being powerfully attractive.
  12. Affection- A gentle feeling of fondness or liking.
  13. Average (Joe)- Everyday person celebrating the holidays.
  14. Aromas- Pleasant smells, often from festive foods.
  15. Admiration- Respect and warm approval.
  16. Attire- Clothing suited for a special event.
  17. Assembly- A gathering of people for a common purpose.
  18. Antique- An old and valuable item, sometimes used as a Christmas decoration.
  19. Activity- Actions or events often enjoyed during the holidays.
  20. Astral- Relating to the stars, often reflecting the star of Bethlehem.
  21. Appeal- A quality that makes something attractive.
  22. Authentic- Genuine, real, often used to describe holiday traditions.
  23. Adorn- To decorate or add beauty to.
  24. Appreciate- To recognize the full worth of something or someone.
  25. Amaze- To fill with great surprise and wonder.
  26. Amen- A term often used in prayers and carols.
  27. Array- An impressive and typically large display or range.
  28. Aloha- Hawaiian greeting or farewell, used in holiday celebrations in Hawaii.
  29. Arrangement- The way things are laid out or set up, such as festive decorations.
  30. Awe- A feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.
  31. Aurora- The dawn or a radiant glow, often resembling holiday lights.
  32. Astounding- Very surprising or remarkable.
  33. Anniversary- Celebrating the yearly return of the same date.
  34. Alight- To descend and settle, often used metaphorically in holiday contexts.
  35. Achieve- To successfully bring about or reach.
  36. Accolade- An award or privilege granted as a special honor.
  37. Assign- To allocate a task or role.
  38. Affluence- Abundant wealth, prosperity, or richness.
  39. Assure- To make someone confident in their belief or understanding.
  40. Acoustic- Relating to sound, often in reference to holiday music.
  41. Abode- A house or home, often decorated for the holidays.
  42. Amiable- Having a friendly and pleasant manner.
  43. Artisanal- Made in a traditional or non-mechanized way.
  44. Ascend- To go up or climb.
  45. Avenge- To take revenge or action for a wrongdoing (contextually might be a playful revenge in festive games).
  46. Ally- A partner or friend, often in holiday collaboration.
  47. Adulation- Excessive admiration or praise.
  48. Aid- Help or support.
  49. Accent- A distinctive manner of expression, often referring to holiday accents in decorations.
  50. Achieve- Successfully reach a desired objective or result.
  51. Annal- A record of events, often historical, referring to previous Christmas celebrations.
  52. Arcane- Understood by few, mysterious or secret; possibly in reference to old traditions.
  53. Animate- To bring to life or move, as in lively holiday decorations.
  54. Afterglow- The pleasant effects or feelings left after an event.
  55. Aura- The distinctive atmosphere or quality surrounding something.
  56. Assent- Agreement or approval.
  57. Allow- To give permission; used often in family settings during holidays.
  58. Aspiration- A hope or ambition.
  59. Affinity- A natural liking or attraction.
  60. Ardent- Enthusiastic or passionate.
  61. Azalea- A type of flowering plant, sometimes used in winter floral arrangements.
  62. Applaud- To show approval or praise by clapping.
  63. Achieve- To successfully complete or reach.
  64. Assure- To tell someone something positively to dispel doubts.
  65. Adherence- Devotion or commitment to a cause or belief.
  66. Amidst- In the middle of.
  67. Arc- A part of the circumference of a circle or another curve.
  68. Allegiance- Loyalty or commitment to a group or cause.
  69. Arrival- Coming to a place, especially at the end of a journey.
  70. Akeakamai- Hawaiian for wisdom, often celebrated in cultural events.
  71. Assembly- The action of gathering together.
  72. Allude- To suggest or call attention to indirectly.
  73. Altruism- The belief in or practice of selfless concern for the well-being of others.
  74. Area- A space allocated for a specific purpose.
  75. Arcadian- Idyllically pastoral or simple.
  76. August- Respected and impressive.
  77. Array- An impressive display or range of a particular type of thing.
  78. Austenite- Admirer of Jane Austen, sometimes involved in themed holiday events.
  79. Anthem- A rousing or uplifting song identified with a group, body, or cause.
  80. Ale- A type of beer, often enjoyed during holiday feasts.
  81. Acclaimed- Praised enthusiastically and publicly.
  82. Annals- Records of events year by year.
  83. Artisan- A worker in a skilled trade, often involving making things by hand.
  84. Aesthetic- Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.
  85. Ally- A state formally cooperating with another for a military or other purpose.
  86. Assortment- A miscellaneous collection of things or people.
  87. Anchorage- A place where a vessel anchors, sometimes festively decorated in harbor towns.
  88. Accrediting- Officially recognizing or giving credit.
  89. Aglow- Glowing, radiant with light or happiness.
  90. Arise- Emerge, become apparent.
  91. Alluvial- Relating to loose, fertile soil, occasionally referred to in certain decorations.
  92. Annual- Occurring once every year.
  93. Assemble- To gather together.
  94. Array- An impressive display or range.
  95. Artifact- An object made by a human being, historically significant.
  96. Affix- Attach something.
  97. Allay- Diminish or put to rest.
  98. Allegory- A story or picture that reveals a hidden meaning.
  99. Alleluia- An exclamation of praise, often used in Christmas hymns.

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