dr words: List and Meanings

Discover a comprehensive list of words starting with “dr” to enhance your vocabulary and word knowledge.

  1. Draft- A preliminary version of a written work.
  2. Drag- To pull something or someone with force.
  3. Drain- To remove liquid from a place or object.
  4. Dram- A small unit of liquid measure.
  5. Drab- Lacking brightness or interest.
  6. Drape- To arrange cloth or clothing loosely.
  7. Draw- To produce a picture or diagram.
  8. Dray- A low, strong cart for heavy loads.
  9. Drear- Dull, bleak, and lifeless.
  10. Drip- To fall in drops.
  11. Drafty- Allowing cold air to enter.
  12. Dream- A series of thoughts during sleep.
  13. Drench- To saturate with liquid.
  14. Drill- A tool for making holes.
  15. Drink- A liquid to swallow.
  16. Drift- To be carried slowly by a current.
  17. Drive- To operate and control a vehicle.
  18. Droll- Curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement.
  19. Drum- A percussion instrument.
  20. Drama- A play for theater, radio, or television.
  21. Drank- Past tense of drink.
  22. Droop- To sag or hang down.
  23. Drudge- A person who does menial, hard work.
  24. Dress- Clothing or an outer garment.
  25. Drool- Saliva spilling from the mouth.
  26. Drone- A continuous low humming sound.
  27. Drunk- Intoxicated with alcohol.
  28. Dross- Waste or impure matter.
  29. Draftsman- A person who drafts legal documents or technical drawings.
  30. Drollness- Humorous, whimsical behavior.
  31. Drifter- A person who moves from place to place.
  32. Dry- Lacking moisture.
  33. Dribble- To fall or flow in drops.
  34. Drizzle- Light rain.
  35. Droplet- A tiny drop.
  36. Driveway- A private road leading to a house.
  37. Dreary- Depressingly dull and bleak.
  38. Drifter- A person who is continually moving.
  39. Drama queen- A person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way.
  40. Drifter- Someone who moves aimlessly from place to place.
  41. Dreidel- A spinning top used in a Hanukkah game.
  42. Dropout- A person who has abandoned a course of study.
  43. Draftsmanship- Skill in drawing.
  44. Drawback- A disadvantage or issue.
  45. Drayage- The transport of goods by a dray.
  46. Dredge- To clean out the bed of a body of water.
  47. Druid- A member of ancient Celtic priesthood.
  48. Druthers- A person’s preference in a matter.
  49. Drubbing- A severe beating.
  50. Draconian- Excessively harsh and severe laws or measures.
  51. Drawl- Speak slowly with prolonged vowels.
  52. Drowsy- Feeling sleepy and lethargic.
  53. Drizzliest- Most resembling drizzle.
  54. Dressy- Suitable for formal occasions.
  55. Driftwood- Wood carried to shore by water.
  56. Draft horse- A large, powerful horse used for heavy work.
  57. Dramarama- Overly dramatic or theatrical behavior.
  58. Driftnet- A fishing net allowed to drift in the water.
  59. Dry erase- A type of marker that can be easily erased.
  60. Downright- Thorough; absolute.
  61. Drier- An appliance that dries clothes.
  62. Druidism- The religion or philosophy of the druids.
  63. Drivel- Silly nonsense.
  64. Drumstick- A stick used for playing a drum or a chicken leg.
  65. Droning- A continuous, monotonous sound.
  66. Dribblet- A small stream or drop.
  67. Dressage- A highly skilled form of riding for competitions.
  68. Driftwood- Wood carried along by water to the shore.
  69. Drumroll- A rapid succession of beats on a drum.
  70. Dropcloth- A large sheet to protect surfaces while painting.
  71. Dramaturgy- The theory and practice of dramatic composition.
  72. Dressmaker- A person who makes custom clothing.
  73. Drypoint- A printmaking technique.
  74. Drivetime- The time period when people typically drive to and from work.
  75. Dry cleaner- A place where clothes are cleaned with chemical solvents.
  76. Drabble- To dabble or splash water.
  77. Drumhead- The membrane stretched over the shell of a drum.
  78. Drumlin- An elongated hill formed by glacial ice.
  79. Drawerful- A drawer filled with objects.
  80. Druggery- Another term for drudgery.
  81. Drafter- Someone who drafts plans or documents.
  82. Dreariness- The quality of being dull and bleak.
  83. Driftage- The amount of drift.
  84. Drywall- A panel made of gypsum used in construction.
  85. Drumstick- A pair of sticks used for drumming.
  86. Dress circle- The first row or rows of seats above the main floor in a theater.
  87. Dry disease- A disease affecting plants causing their parts to become dry.
  88. Drone bee- A male bee whose primary role is to mate with the queen bee.
  89. Drizzlets- Small, fine drops of water.
  90. Driveway patch- Material used to fix cracks in a driveway.
  91. Dreamscape- A landscape or environment of dreams.
  92. Drenchcoat- A waterproof coat.
  93. Dramatize- To express or present in a dramatic way.
  94. Drinkable- Suitable for drinking.
  95. Drumline- A group of percussionists who play together.
  96. Drydock- A structure used for the construction or repair of ships.
  97. Drizzle pattern- The way light rain falls.
  98. Drumbeat- A rhythmic sound produced by a drum.
  99. Drouk- Scottish term for drench.
  100. Dropkick- An offensive move in sports or wrestling involving a kick.

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