eg words: Definitions, Examples, and FAQs

This article will provide a comprehensive list of words starting with “eg” and their meanings.

  1. Eager- excitedly enthusiastic
  2. Eagle- a large bird of prey
  3. Ear- organ for hearing
  4. Early- before the usual time
  5. Earn- acquire through effort
  6. Earth- the planet we live on
  7. Ease- freedom from difficulty
  8. East- direction where the sun rises
  9. Easy- not difficult
  10. Eat- consume food
  11. Echo- a reflected sound
  12. Eclectic- deriving ideas from various sources
  13. Eclipse- blocking of light from one celestial body by another
  14. Ecology- study of ecosystems
  15. Economic- relating to economy
  16. Ecstasy- overwhelming happiness
  17. Edge- boundary, margin
  18. Editor- person who edits
  19. Educate- provide knowledge
  20. Efface- erase from a surface
  21. Effect- a result or consequence
  22. Effective- successful in producing results
  23. Effort- physical or mental exertion
  24. Egg- oval reproductive body of birds
  25. Ego- self-esteem or self-importance
  26. Egress- the act of going out
  27. Eject- force out
  28. Elapse- slip by (time)
  29. Elect- choose by vote
  30. Elegant- tastefully graceful
  31. Elephant- largest land mammal
  32. Elevate- raise to a higher position
  33. Eleven- number after ten
  34. Elude- escape from danger
  35. Email- electronic mail
  36. Embark- start a journey
  37. Embrace- hug
  38. Emit- release or send out (light, heat, sound)
  39. Emotion- strong feeling
  40. Empire- extensive group of states under a single authority
  41. Employ- give work to someone
  42. Empty- containing nothing
  43. Enact- make into law
  44. Enamel- protective surface coating
  45. Encircle- form a circle around
  46. Enclose- shut in all sides
  47. End- final point
  48. Endure- suffer patiently
  49. Enemy- one who opposes
  50. Energy- capacity for activity
  51. Engage- occupy attention
  52. Engine- machine for converting energy
  53. Enhance- improve quality
  54. Enjoy- take pleasure in
  55. Enlist- enroll for service
  56. Enrich- improve quality
  57. Enter- come or go in
  58. Envelope- paper container for letters
  59. Envious- feeling envy
  60. Eon- very long time period
  61. Equal- being the same in quantity
  62. Equate- regard as equal
  63. Equation- mathematical statement of equality
  64. Equip- furnish with necessary items
  65. Equities- stocks that signify ownership
  66. Era- distinct period of history
  67. Error- mistake
  68. Escape- break free
  69. Escort- accompany someone
  70. Essence- intrinsic nature
  71. Estate- area with a large house
  72. Estimate- roughly calculate
  73. Eternal- lasting forever
  74. Ethic- moral principles
  75. Ethnic- relating to a population subgroup
  76. Evade- avoid
  77. Evaporate- turn into vapor
  78. Evasion- escape or avoid
  79. Even- level, flat or smooth
  80. Event- occurrence
  81. Ever- at any time
  82. Every- all possible
  83. Evict- expel from property
  84. Evidence- proof
  85. Evil- morally wrong
  86. Evolve- develop gradually
  87. Exact- precise and accurate
  88. Example- representative form
  89. Exceed- go beyond limits
  90. Excel- be exceptionally good
  91. Except- not including
  92. Exchange- give in return
  93. Excite- cause enthusiasm
  94. Exclaim- cry out suddenly
  95. Exclude- deny access
  96. Excuse- reason to justify
  97. Execute- carry out
  98. Exempt- free from obligation
  99. Exercise- physical activity
  100. Exhibit- display or public showing

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