Five Letter Words Starting with Car: Full List and Examples

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of five-letter words that begin with “car.

  1. Carat- A unit of weight for gemstones.
  2. Carbo- Short for carbohydrate.
  3. Cards- Plural of card; playing cards or greeting cards.
  4. Cared- Past tense of care.
  5. Caret- A proofreading symbol indicating insertion.
  6. Cares- Plural of care; shows concern.
  7. Cargo- Goods carried by a ship, aircraft, or vehicle.
  8. Carob- A chocolate substitute from the carob tree.
  9. Carom- To strike and rebound.
  10. Caron- A diacritical mark.
  11. Carps- Plural of carp; types of fish or complaints.
  12. Carry- To move something from one place to another.
  13. Carve- To cut into a shape or design.

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