Five Letter Words Starting with Pi: List and Meanings

If you’re looking for five-letter words that start with “pi,” this article will give you a comprehensive list to help with your word games or vocabulary building.

  1. Piano- A musical instrument with keys.
  2. Picky- Very selective.
  3. Pilot- Leader of an aircraft or ship.
  4. Pizza- An Italian dish with toppings.
  5. Pinch- A small amount or pressure.
  6. Piper- A person who plays the pipe.
  7. Pinky- A little finger.
  8. Pines- Coniferous trees.
  9. Pious- Devoutly religious.
  10. Pints- Units of liquid measure.
  11. Pixie- A small, mythical creature.
  12. Pivot- A central point.
  13. Piker- A stingy person.
  14. Pious- Showing reverence.
  15. Pious- Devoutly religious.
  16. Piled- Things stacked together.
  17. Pilot- A person who operates aircraft.
  18. Piety- Devotion to religion.
  19. Piped- Played on a pipe.
  20. Pithy- Concise and meaningful.
  21. Pitch- Throw or toss.
  22. Pines- Evergreen trees.
  23. Pilar- Relating to hair.
  24. Pilaf- A rice dish.
  25. Pinch- Squeeze between fingers.
  26. Pined- Longed intensely.
  27. Pipes- Tubes or musical instruments.
  28. Pique- Stimulate interest.
  29. Pixel- Smallest unit of a digital image.
  30. Piker- A contemptible person.
  31. Pilum- A type of Roman javelin.
  32. Piggy- Resembling a pig.
  33. Piste- A ski trail.
  34. Picky- Fussy or selective.
  35. Pikas- Small mountain mammals.
  36. Picot- A small decorative loop.
  37. Pinta- Unit of liquid measure.
  38. Pirat- An archaic term for pirate.
  39. Pinal- Relating to pine trees.
  40. Pirou- Short for pirouette.
  41. Piece- A portion of something.
  42. Pined- Yearned or longed for.
  43. Pilch- A type of garment.
  44. Piper- Musician playing a pipe.
  45. Pivot- To turn on a point.
  46. Pique- Cause resentment.
  47. Piped- Conduit for fluids.
  48. Pithy- Brief and full of meaning.
  49. Pigmy- Variant of “pygmy.”
  50. Piety- Religious devotion.
  51. Pipet- A lab tool for measuring.
  52. Pilot- One who steers a vessel.
  53. Pinup- A poster model.
  54. Pinto- A type of bean.
  55. Pinch- Steal (informally).
  56. Piney- Full of pine trees.
  57. Pixel- Digital image unit.
  58. Pirls- Purls in knitting.
  59. Pingo- A type of ice hill.
  60. Pipes- Tubes for water or sound.
  61. Pinny- A simple apron.
  62. Pitch- Degree of slope.
  63. Piend- Scottish term for pined.
  64. Piste- Snow trail.
  65. Pilum- Ancient Roman spear.
  66. Pikey- Slang for a traveler.
  67. Pinks- Small flowers or a color.
  68. Pilin- Protein structure.
  69. Pitot- Type of pressure tube.
  70. Picra- Bitter medicine.
  71. Pilot- Person who flies planes.
  72. Piker- A cautious investor.
  73. Pilot- Precursory model.
  74. Piked- With a pointed top.
  75. Pinus- Genus of pine trees.
  76. Pious- Displaying reverence.
  77. Pipal- Sacred fig tree.
  78. Pinks- Cloves family flowers.
  79. Pixie- Playful fairy.
  80. Pikey- Derogatory term, traveler.
  81. Pique- Provoke curiosity.
  82. Pizza- Flatbread with toppings.
  83. Pinta- Old measure unit.
  84. Pikey- Derisive term.
  85. Pipey- Resembling a pipe.
  86. Pirls- Rows of stitches.
  87. Pipal- Fig tree.

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