Five Letter Words Starting With Stu: Complete List

This article provides a list of five-letter words that start with “stu,” helping you find exactly what you need quickly and efficiently.

  1. Study- To devote time and attention to acquiring knowledge.
  2. Stuck- Past tense of stick; unable to move.
  3. Stunt- A daring or skillful act.
  4. Stuff- Matter, material, articles, or activities.
  5. Stump- The base part of a tree left after the trunk is cut down.
  6. Stung- Past tense of sting; pierced with a sharp object.
  7. Stunk- Past tense of stink; to emit a strong unpleasant smell.
  8. Stubs- Short, blunt ends left after something is cut down.
  9. Studs- Projecting objects on a surface to provide traction or decoration.
  10. Stuss- High-stakes poker game variant.
  11. Sturt- A variation of “stir” mainly used in dialectal English.

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