Five Letter Words That Start With E: Your Quick Reference

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of five-letter words that start with the letter “E.

  1. Eagle: A large bird of prey.
  2. Earth: The planet we live on.
  3. Ebony: A dense black wood.
  4. Eject: To force or throw out.
  5. Elite: A select part of a group.
  6. Enact: To make into law.
  7. Enema: A fluid injection for cleansing.
  8. Envy: A feeling of jealousy.
  9. Epoch: A period of time in history.
  10. Erect: Rigidly upright.
  11. Essay: A short written composition.
  12. Exile: To banish or expel.
  13. Erode: To gradually wear away.
  14. Elbow: The joint between arm and forearm.
  15. Error: A mistake.
  16. Event: An occurrence or happening.
  17. Equal: Being the same in quantity or value.
  18. Ethic: A set of moral principles.
  19. Entry: An act of going in.
  20. Enjoy: To take pleasure in.
  21. Eager: Filled with enthusiasm.
  22. Equip: To furnish with necessary items.
  23. Emit: To produce and discharge.
  24. Exact: Precise or accurate.
  25. Elder: Of greater age.
  26. Every: Each one of a group.
  27. Extra: More than what is usual.
  28. Eight: A numerical value.
  29. Expand: To increase in size.
  30. Easel: A stand for holding an artist’s work.
  31. Email: Electronic mail.
  32. Elude: To escape from.
  33. Elate: To make ecstatically happy.
  34. Exist: To be present.
  35. Elect: To choose by voting.
  36. Error: A wrong decision.
  37. Extol: To praise highly.
  38. Edict: An official order.
  39. Erase: To remove or destroy.
  40. Emote: To express emotion.
  41. Evict: To expel from property.
  42. Ebony: Dark, dense wood.
  43. Erupt: To explode or eject suddenly.
  44. Edify: To instruct morally or intellectually.
  45. Enrol: To register or sign up.
  46. Elfin: Small and delicate.
  47. Equal: Identical in value.
  48. Embed: To fix firmly.
  49. Evoke: To bring a feeling or memory to mind.
  50. Equip: To prepare for a task.
  51. Edema: Swelling caused by excess fluid.
  52. Ensure: To make certain.
  53. Endow: To give an income or property.
  54. Eerie: Weird or spooky.
  55. Eddy: A circular current of water.
  56. Etiol: To make pale or weak.
  57. Elude: To evade.
  58. Expel: To force out.
  59. Enjoy: To take delight.
  60. Eagle: A type of large bird.
  61. Elder: A senior person.
  62. Exists: Is present.
  63. Essed: An ancient war chariot.
  64. EBook: An electronic book.
  65. Elbow: Joint between upper and lower arm.
  66. Eject: To throw out.
  67. Exult: To show triumphant joy.
  68. Emote: To show emotion.
  69. Ebbed: Moved back.
  70. Enfix: To fasten.
  71. Essay: A short composition.
  72. Erect: Upright.
  73. Erred: Made a mistake.
  74. Excel: To be superior.
  75. Exude: To discharge a substance.

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